Jeep Rescue Concept – Maisto

Combining legendary Jeep off-road capability with state-of-the-art search and rescue technology the Jeep Rescue is designed to reach areas in the harshest most daunting mountainous and desert areas. Starting with a modern interpretation of the timeless classic Jeep, the Rescue builds on the rugged Jeep heritage to forge an exciting new dimension for the Jeep brand. The Rescue can be configured to run almost totally “open” with folding front windscreen and a retractable backlite, a sliding glass sunroof in front, a fold-forward canvas roof in the rear, plus, all four doors are removable. It is an example of absolute Jeep strength and “go anywhere” capability.

I have been waiting for this brilliant scale model since I saw some prototype pic on cyberspace. A year back or so I found this same model in green but thats the dirt riders lineup so gave it a pass. Its until now its been a dream and thanks to Modelart, I finally set my hands on it. I came in a conventional “Premiere Edition” package that adds little premiumness to it.

The Body and the paint finishes are cool but what that makes this model really cool is its details around the wheels and the tyre tread area. The super fat tyre and unique tread pattern gives this bad boy a little evilish feel! That’s a good thing!! There are alot small small bits that interest you… like the winches on both sides, tow clamps, search and rescue equipment etc.

Being a five door jeep the stance is awesome!! The front doors opens but the rear dont as is in most four doors model that Maisto makes. The stance also reveals the slick styling and cool execution that designers in Jeep had put in to create a fusion between classic and modern theme. One enhancement that I would expect is the better sharper “Rescue” logo.

Jeeps are all about the mass and road presences, not to mention its off-roading ablity… these three attributes are quite visible if viewed from an elevated angle.

This American Guys comes loaded with functional doors(front only), operating steering, working suspension and that trunk lid. As is in the concept the rear camper top is kept in semi opened state which looks nice too.

The interior is filled with endless list of coolstuff that the crafter in Maisto would have put ages to scale and finish… For example the speaker grill which is finished in two tone and the scale and placement is spot on! The other example worth mentioning is the multifunction steering wheel with too many buttons to count and too much detail aspect to talk. Even the seat housing is detailed to match the rest of the interiors!

When it comes to seating I particularly like the material that is both textured right and colored fine. The Seat belts are detailed but are a little over scaled!! The storage box that’s left between the seats is nicely captured and I specially like the aluminum grab handles.

Underhood details is ok but the we always expect more so Maisto should have done with more color in here. Whats missed in the engine domain is been corrected in the underbody detailing!! The four wheel drive system is properly put in and even the exhaust system is connected properly.

Overall this is one great model that came out Maisto’s stable after Hummer series… solid, rugged and detailed are the few words that describe this model.. I would give a rating of 4 for its legendary ane and craftsmanship. I also like the way it is put forth.. Here are some photo that I took on its off roading session. Enjoy and comment your thoughts.

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