Maisto 1:12 Ducati X Diavel S, 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa and 2021 Yamaha R1 – Unboxing & First Look

This year sure is turning out to be a year of 1:12 scale motorcycles and most of them are coming from this brand “Maisto”, which is not only value for money but also packs some series details. Yeah that’s because they brought in a lot of 1:12 scale motorcycles to Indian stores and I picked some of my favourites to check them off my Wishlist. Few months back I unboxed two (2021 Honda CBR 1000RR R Fireblade SP & 2019 BMW R1250 GS) of my 1:18 motorcycles from the collection and since then I added few more 1:12 scale motorcycles.

Maisto 1:12 Bike - Boxes

In this post you will see three (Ducati XDiavel S, 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa and 2021 Yamaha R1) more of my motorcycles getting their freedom. I even called it an RGB unboxing (at some point) as the boxes are convenient shade of Red, Green and Blue. These are picked at different time but this year and from different sources… both online and local toy stores.

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Boxes

The 1:12 Ducati X Diavel S comes in a bright red color package and Maisto did use its proprietary 1:12 box that it has been using it for some time. This windowed box does gives out a nice view of the black Ducati inside and I personally like it. This package reminds me of the Royal Enfield package but thats just me I guess! I picked this from a local toy store (Mahadev Toys and Gifts), which was run by a very cool family, which are ready to help me with all my toys related queries.

Maisto 1:12 Suzuki Hayabusa - Boxes

I usually relate green with Kawasaki but Maisto decided to go with this color for this 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa, which is a hit and miss for me! This Hayabusa was one of the bikes I was excited to own. I picked this Hayabusa from and they did an exceptionally work in shipping like in a day and came in a decent enough package.

Maisto 1:12 Yamaha R1 - Boxes

From the blue corner, we have mighty 2021 Yamaha R1 in blue! Though this is a blue bike inside a blue box, this looks super cool. If red is for Ducati, blue if for Yamaha… And this blue speed monster comes in a compact package and Maisto’s package is really appreciated for getting the blues right! I got this from a local toy store (Ramdev Toys & Baby Wear) as well but I accidentally booked one from, which I been trying to sell it since then!

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Hologram In Box

I like holograms and they kind of get me excited! Only Ducati gets a hologram and I like it so much, it has a wheel pattern and crazy details. It feel so sad to trow away the box purely for this hologram but hard choices has to be made!

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Unboxing

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Unboxing

Unboxing of these are really fun as I kept them in boxes for so long I lost track and getting these motorcycle out of their plastic person (yeah thats what I call the box as) is just fun! As all these 1:12 motorcycles are made by Maisto and are almost similar in packaging so unboxing experience is very similar too. Though I am not a big fan of this screw in boxes but this works too and seems like lesser plastic is used, which is great too!

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Unboxing

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Stand

Unboxing is straight forward, you open the box… Pull the inner structure and viola its out! There is cool background for every motorcycle matching the outside shade, which is very nice. The motorcycle is fastened to the box by just one screw, and that cool plastic stand comes off. Some would like to display with the stand on… but I mostly trash them along with the box.

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Unboxed

Maisto 1:12 Suzuki Hayabusa - Unboxed

Maisto 1:12 Yamaha  R1 - Unboxing

Posing motorcycle with its box is like xDiecast ritual and I like that shot the most! In most case I like to use them as the cover image for the unboxing post. Of these three I liked the Yamaha R1 the most followed by Ducati and Hayabusa could only secure a third place!

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Front

This 1:12 scale Ducati X Diavel S by Maisto is one cool scale model without breaking a bank! This Ducati was announced around 2021 in their catalogue (news coverage here) but it made it to our toy stores just now, which is a sad truth but thats how life work and we have no control over that.

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Profile

This being a model targeted at budget collectors, there is noting ground breaking! But just like any other Maisto 1:12 scale model, this Ducati X Diavel S also gets some cool details like working steering, which in my view are just cool for some nice photos. I see some details that are unique to this Ducati like it’s exhaust with painted tip.

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Rear

This being a first look I dint go very detailed, but I found few interesting bits like the mentioned exhaust detailing! The all black Ducati is loaded with fines details like the partial trellis frame, rear suspension finished in yellow and also engine details.

Maisto 1:12 Ducati XDiavel - Weight

I like to put these motorcycles in my weigh scale and this Ducati X Diavel S tipped at 120grams, which is also the heaviest of these three. 120g is not particularly heavy but not light too… Maisto has been consistently maintaining the weight of their scale models to meet the price conscious buyers requirements.

Maisto 1:12 Suzuki Hayabusa - Profile

Hayabusa has a personal connection because my very first scale model is a 1:12 Suzuki GSK1300R Hayabusa (blue) by Maisto, which is actually a birthday gift back in 2004. This is the second Hayabusa by Maisto made in so many years and I wanted it since day one! I picked this online as I was in a hurry and I am excited for it!

Maisto 1:12 Suzuki Hayabusa - Rear

I wasn’t very impressed with this Bush to start with as I wasn’t happy with its weight as the original Suzuki is a big heavy model. But I started to like it more and more with every pass! What I like the most is the paint job and scaling, which I am not sure is correct or not.

Maisto 1:12 Suzuki Hayabusa - Weight

As mentioned earlier, this is not a heavy model and the weigh scale reading confirms it! At 115 grams this is a middle weight class scale model at the best. Just hold on for my full review coming soon as I am have mixed reaction as of now. The headlamp is really cool and the graphics all around are very sharp.

Maisto 1:12 Yamaha  R1 - Front

If you been following me for some time, you all know that I have so many Yamaha R1 and I lost track of its count may be my fourth or fifth R1 I dont know! I would pick a R1 any weekend track day! I have mixed reaction on this 1:12 scale Yamaha… I love it for the paint finish, sharp graphics, drive chain and great attention to details on the exhaust system. But hate those sore screws, that single handedly spoils the illusion!

Maisto 1:12 Yamaha  R1 - Rear

This being a budget scale model, you cannot expect AUTOart level of perfection but we collector think these otherwise all the time! I like Maisto’s 1:12 scale models for their accessibility (only scale model brand available India at the moment) and this Yamaha R1 is one super motorcycle of the lot! You already know why, though this is not a comparison as these are in a league of its own.

Maisto 1:12 Yamaha R1 - Weight

Finally this 2021 Yamaha R1 weigh in about 108g, which is not relatively heavy nor light! But some how this R1 feels solid, which I dint feel in the Hayabusa. This Yamaha clearly is becoming my favourite of the three followed closely by Ducati X Diavel S and Hayabusa takes the third place… you could have a different opinion, do let us know in the comment section below. Also let us know which one should be reviewed first! I have some special plans for the review… lets see how thing goo! Till next time… Ciao.

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