Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson Edition – Unboxed

Yes I am a big time SUV lover… I love them for it’s intimidating stance and road presences! And if I have to dig deep I would say pickup trucks are my favorite in all of the SUV space! In real life I would want a GMC Sierra in red, in 1:18 though I would say it is this Ford F350 Harley Davidson Edition! I been eyeing this monster of pickup truck for sometimes… But Indian importers never gave any thought for this awesome model and importing is an expensive affair(more over I have so many car line up for import so this dint got its chance so far). Last year by around December I was posted in Al Kobhar, Saudi Arabia on a short term assignment… Being a collector I went to every toys store and hobby shop in the location and found this Hobby store who had a huge display of assembled Tamiya model, I was jumping and went in to shop. To my surprise this Maisto Ford F350 was there along with few other 1:18 model(Ford GT90 Concept, Ford Thunderbird and few other) that are mostly not in production! I din’t get it immediately because of the logistic issues… But later realized that this is the chance and if not now then it is never for this F350 dream and bagged it the next day!

  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Box

    Though this is a huge diecast model, it comes in a regular Maisto box that most other models of that time came in! I personally love the box for it’s premium finish, thanks to the all black box that merges well with the model! You can find Ford Badge on all side that say “Official Licensed Product” that give a little pride owning one!

  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Box
  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Box
  • The original photos of this F350 diecast model on the sides gives some uniqueness.

Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Box

  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Unbox

    Just as any Maisto models, the unboxing procedure is relatively simple! The model is housed in a frame that can be stacked to create a multi-level display stack! The Ford F350 HD itself is fastened on to the frame by two screws and weird lift structure gives the required lift. Doors are held via a translucent strip and the trunk via circular sticker!

  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Screws to Hold
  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Sticky Tabs
  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson -
  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Front 3/4
  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Rear 3/4

Once out, you can feel the weight! The model weights considerably more that any 1:18 Maisto model that I have, which includes some older models like the 1:18 Lamborghinis! You definitely feel like you are holding a premium model purely for its weight. This Ford F350 HD comes fully loaded and has all the doors opening feature, steering action, nice engine details, opening trunk and finally a fully functional independent suspension system! I especially love the paint finish and the decal work that makes this butch pickup truck stand out in the display case!

Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Stance/Profile

  • Size Comparison: This F350 is longer, heavier and claims more attention than anything on road… so I decided to do a little size comparison with some model that falls into the same territory! The Bburago Jeep Wrangler Sahara 1:18 as expected looks puny in front of this beast Ford! The tires on the Jeep looks a little bigger and the ground clearance definitely more than the Ford!
  • Size Comparison Jeep Wrangler vs Ford F350 HD
  • Size Comparison Ford Mustang GT500 vs Ford F350 HD
  • Another Ford by Maisto is next! The 2017 Ford Mustang GT500 is one muscle car that can grab more eyeball than a Ford pickup truck with some fancy orange paint job and it has the length to sport but loses on the height parameter! I have heard that some of the muscle car by Maisto have SUV like ground clerance and I could see that now! What you say! The Maisto Hummer H1 Wagon is one SUV that can kill its competition with its looks itself! And even a Hummer H1 looks a little shorter in length but its high ground clearance gives him some points!
  • Size Comparison Hummer H1 vs Ford F350 HD
  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Doors
  • Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson - Trunk Doors
  • As mentioned earlier this Ford sports all kind of bells and whistles that a budget diecast model can! Usually Maisto models gets one or two door sealed due to the bugdet factors I guess! But the crafters of this Ford F350 gave us a model that feels premium and come loaded with fully functional body! Apart from those functionality they are also tough like a real F350 would be!
  • I am etching to do a full review as this Ford F350 HD Pickup Truck is growing on me like no other! Being a special addition, the review need to be special as well. So doing a little brainstorming to enlighten you! Ciao!

2 thoughts on “Maisto 1:18 Ford F350 Harley Davidson Edition – Unboxed

  1. This Truck is Awsome, And i Thin Maisto has also released the F150 edition of Ford Trucks. Because it is available Here in India.

    1. Thanks Evan Sainy, I love this model and I picked it up in Saudi Arabia on my last visit.
      Very happy to know that the F150 is available in India, will try to pick it up once I am back from my abroad visit. Thanks for the info.

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