Maisto 1:18 Ford Mustang 2015 – Unboxed

Ever since I first saw this car in “Need For Speed” movie, I was itching to get my hand on it as I am not one of the previledge country where this car launched I at least wanted a 1:18 scale diecast model. When Maisto broke the News about the 1:18 2015 Ford Mustang I was practically jumping in joy. I reported this in our news stream back in mid 2014 and unfortunately it never made it to Indian soil! So I have to over and under the board and finally I found this awesome Maisto in one of the Toy Store in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia and grabbed it after some searching for the red(which dint happened). Yes I was in Saudi on a Business Trip and every weekends I find some excuses to visit Toys stores here and there.

  • Maisto 1:18 Ford Mustang 2015 - Boxed
  • This is my second 1:18 grab here in Saudi, the first one being a Maisto 1:18 Ford F350HD Harley Davidson version which I will post a unboxing post soon (though it is sort of re unboxing as I have already unboxed off camera). Ok lets get back to this other Ford… This Ford Mustang 2015 comes in many color including my favorite Red, which happens to be the world favorite as well. But unfortunately I could only find this white, which is a looker but nothing closer to the other cars. But in reality the Black Mustang looks so mean and fits this car road manners quite well.
  • Maisto 1:18 Ford Mustang 2015 - Unboxed

Coming back to the white Ford Mustang, which I here… could confuse the first time visitors quite easily with the “Signature Edition” 1:18 diecast model that Maisto is Launching soon. But unfortunately this is not, I know you would have got it from the box! But out of the box this looks good! I also happened to own an other Mustang in the form of the Ford Mustang GT Convertible 2010 made by Maisto and I could have a fair comparison. If not I will have to pitch it against the legendary AUTOart’s Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra, which I will do for scale comparison in my full review.

Maisto 1:18 Ford Mustang 2015 - Unboxed

Sorry for the strippy background and slightly sub standard photo quality because I am doing this from Saudi where I was doing my day job and towards the evening I am doing this with my newest camera arsenal the Sony RX100. I guess I will get better in some time till then dont curse me!! Next time I will have to move out of my couch and get out or something! Please suggest. Coming back to the model… for the third time! Being a white Mustang all the imperfections stand upright! But that is all expected as it is not a deal breaker taking into account the bracket it take. On a first look this Ford Mustang 2015 looks good and the only drawback is the frontal optics that look really cheap but a great attempt!

  • Maisto 1:18 Ford Mustang 2015

    The package is a traditional Maisto package and the Special Edition monogram on the sides are the biggest relief as there are no graphics of any sort in the package in pure Maisto fashion.

    Maisto 1:18 Ford Mustang 2015 - Rear View

  • Maisto 1:18 Ford Mustang 2015 - Profile
  • Maisto 1:18 Ford Mustang 2015 - Top View
  • Before I conclude here is a bummer… I got this color purely to modify and the plan is repaint and do some crazy decal job! What do you think? But that will start only after I park the signature edition Mustang 2015 in my diecast garage.

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