Maisto Unveiled Custom 1:18 1971 Datsun 240Z in Tokyo Mod Series

Maisto unveiled a new series named Maisto Design: Tokyo Mod, last week. And the first one to come out carrying that series name is none other that this 1971 Datsun 240Z in scale 1:18 (yes its 1:18). This news is making us collector’s heart beat raise because we car nuts love custom modded car no matter, which form it carries. This 1971 Datsun 240Z is one sleek classic car that torn the streets of Japan and every racer wanted this back in its time. It still holds good in streets even today and is a very popular collectors car. So we diecast miniature collectors are no different and want one in our display… Maisto had normal 1971 Datsun 240Z in 1:18 scale for sometime now but this new baby is a custom made Maisto Design vehicles for those looking for more attitude.

Maisto 1971 Datsun 240z - Tokyo Mods

Maisto 1971 Datsun 240z - Tokyo Mods

This Tokyo Mod edition adds carbon fiber fender extensions to accommodate those massive wheels with TOYO Tires, rear view mirrors bolted on hood, full aero kit in black with that necessary spoiler. Seems like the interior gets body hugging sports seats in matching colors to the body work. This 1:18 model Datsun 240Z get all opening parts that include opening door, trunk and the hood.

Maisto 1971 Datsun 240z - Tokyo Mods - Box

Maisto also says that they have included full chassis detailing and exhaust details. To make it stand out in the sea of 1:18 Maistos in your hobby/toy store, this Tokyo Mod series is packed in a sexy box carrying a prominent “TOKYO MOD” badge with the 1971 Datsun 240Z placed in a slightly elevated angle. Looks like we will get the red shade first as the box showed off has that in pic. There is no details unveiled yet but stay tuned, we will update once available. Till next time, Ciao.


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