Marvel Avengers Assemble Iron Man Figurine – Unboxed

Marvel Avengers Assemble is one of the most loved TV series if you are into comics of any type. I have always been a Iron man lover.. intellect, out of box thinking and never break down attitude. I already have a 1:12 scale Iron Man and a small scale Hulk Buster but when I saw this almost 1:18 scale Iron Man I couldn’t resist but to pick and bag him. The toy shop I got this figurine also had the entire series of all four characters(Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Thor) and I liked Captain America! Hulk was my third pick but because I already have a Hulk figurine by Crazy Toys so I skipped this guy.

  • Marvel Avengers Assemble - Ironman FigureThe package is very nice infact one of the best to date! The shape of the box is not regular.. its kind of inclined to the front the texture is kind of mattish with soft touch. The graphics of the characters are given a slight polished look and they look so good. The option to hang this box in a wall adds a bit of novelty as this would let us collectors store/display the figurine without unboxing them.
  • Marvel Avengers Assemble - Ironman Figure - Box
  • Marvel Avengers Assemble - Ironman Figure - Box
  • The goodness of this Iron Man box’s exterior is ruined by the internal structure. There is an ample amount of double sided stickers that makes it impossible to unbox without peeling few surface texure of the package. And it a pains taking job at least for the first time. Look here I tried all the skills that I owned and managed to peel very few package texture… I would have tour the box but it’s an awesome box so took that pain instead. On second thought this looks like a repackaged or could even be a Chinese copy of the original figurine! Comment below if you have anything else.
  • Marvel Avengers Assemble - Ironman Figure - Unbox
  • Marvel Avengers Assemble - Ironman Figure - Unbox

Once you remove all the stickers and strings are removed the figurine stand tall and proud. This Iron Man figurine is not made to scale that I am sure of… Because the Iron Man figurine is even shorter than my Stig figurine. Note the height includes the non removable base(which I will eventually remove in few days once I figure out how to stand him up) as well. This Iron Man figure is done in a very famous pose from the movie and also from the original TV series that got me creative to put a couple of talk bubble that gives this pic a true comic style.

Marvel Avengers Assemble - Ironman Figure vs Stig Figure

  • Marvel Avengers Assemble - Ironman Figure - Unboxed

    The box and the packaging gets full points for the creativity in design and the material. The figurine on the other hand manages to get a decent score in my first impression/unboxing post. The Marvel badge that shouts too much but ok in my opinion… But if Marvel would have had a subtle badging strategy then this could stay on all the time in my display.

  • Marvel Avengers Assemble - Ironman Figure - Base
  • Before we wrap this post, I have to talk about the base in which out Iron Man figurine is attached… The base is a sort of rubbery material and it feels nice the only niggle here is the badge that’s too much. The other reason why I thing this could be a copy is that under the base lies a branding info marvel and that too smudged! No brand would want their brand name to fade away! Share your thought if you have any more to this figurine unboxing. Peace!

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