Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 1

Just like the diecast car collection figurine collection is also a big time hobby. This includes collection of movie figurine, barbies, sports starts or even some si-fi charactors. These figurine starts at very small scales to bigger scales just like the diecast car and bikes! Most diecast collectors also do collect few figurine to go with their car on their displays or more importantly in their dioramas. But I have added a few (16 to be accurate) for my display and to accompany my car in photo sessions.

This being my first figurine I am not so specific about the scale but I was certain about the size. After seeing these figurine in action on one of the forum along with the 1:18 scale car gave a heads up for this collection as well. After reading the tread a little, got a clear idea on how to source them and finally they ended up in my case via Ebay Singapore. For easier identification I named this guy RED HEAD (actually plucked from the movie Twilight)

This guy should be good with most of my cars as his head is colored in my favorite color. This guy sports a equal balance between the smart and funky look. The black dressing is nicely replicated with every crease and fold in right places. What I feel a bit out of proportion is his fist. Being a organic (claimed) the body should be perfect but I guess this came out of some budget maker die so such a flaws. The 360 degree run around shows how perfect his detailing is!

Out of my 16 figurine in collection 15 of them have a bowed down head angle give exceptional reality and also work very well especially if place above the eye level in a display etc. The following shot just justifies the above verdict! Being a bad boy figurine his eye shows more aggression and folded fist multiplies it by at least 2!!! So he may not work with any sedans but the body language works with supers car and coupes well, which my collection mostly comprises of.

2 thoughts on “Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 1

  1. wow nice sls model! from which brand is it? My sls from maisto premiere edition dont even have ventilating hols in the brakes 🙁 And is it just me or is the door gap on your sls a bit too big?

    1. It is a Minichamps not a Maisto. You are right about the gaps, I guess I am so prone to door gaps! Even my SLR has a huge gap but that’s a Maisto.

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