Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 7

Taka thats the name that this guy was given by Organic, he is a part of a series called “Dreamking”. This package has 5 figurines and they all sport a very sporty attire and cool attitude! His brown leather jacket, cool blue jean and funky hair style mean a he is destined to get himself a very sporty car! So I gave him a Porsche 911 GT2 made by AUTOart to do some photoshoot. He is one of the cool figurine and came out with me to even when I did that CCX shoot but I was not so happy with the result so someone else has take his place there.

Viewed from any angle he showoff pure craftsmanship. His posture is a little supple and naughty that is complemented by his hands resting sport! The cuts on his jean enhances the naughtiness, thanks to the designer for adding it and actual guy who made it to this perfection.

I kind of felt his face is not so detailed in comparison to the rest of his body but that’s ok with me! He is very camera friendly and his outfits gives me infinite options to try.

I always feel that my pics gives more emphasis to the car than the figurine but that fact! Even in real cases the supercars gets more spotlights even when Tom Cruise stands next to it!!!!

Overall this figurine is worth the money that we payin! He fits perfectly with any exotic car in dark shades. I guess you liked my photo and the review, thanks all the support. Byes.

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