Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 6

What Can I say about this Bad Boy Figurine made by Organic… He is almost the odd man out! He could not be considered as a bad boy even because of his soft look and sober dressing style. This figurine came along as a part of “Bad Boys Glare of Eyes Vol.4” but when I checked the box I could see the other 5 figurine name printed not this guy, if my assumptions are right he could belong to some other collection! He always takes the spot next my AUTOart CLS till the Bentley Continental Supersport showed up recently.

This guy is of perfect proportion and fits perfectly with the Supersport… his pants even matches with the paint job on this Bentley! His casual looks, raised head and the grindy smile all makes him a sober fellow with a lot of naughtiness hidden within. So should I have to say about the Bentley Continental Supersport? I guess no because thats reserved for the next post!!

This guy fit well with the Bentley very well! I tried almost all possible position for him and he came out well! But I prefer the placement before this naughty Bentley as it grabs more attention and this Dude is no match when it comes to magnetism.

I should say awesome to this guy’s finish! His trouser is next to perfect in this scale(1:18) and the matching shoes with pinkish sole finish the picture! The shirt is another story as it has to gel with his attitude and also the lower attire… The big button and half sleeve design give him the balance.

Because of his sober looks he work well with sports coupe/sedans! I like him next to my Supersport all time because I like him that way! Overall this is one nice figurine that I had in my collection.

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