Meet My Bad Boys Glare of Eyes Figurine – Ginjirou Torazame

Ginjirou Torazame figurine is a part of “Bad Boys Glare of Eyes Vol-4, The Beast” package. Being a trading figurine he comes along with Hidenori Danno, Ryuuzou Kanbashi, Kinjirou Torazame and Shimoune in a soft box. He is the last figurine in this box to be reviewed. This figurine comes with in a single piece and also gets a base in black.

  • Ginjirou Torazame’s upright standing position and raised eye brows are cool touches that give definition and gives the much needed attitude. The hair style is also captured nicely, the pulled down streaks of hair to the fore head is also a nice touch. This bad boys figurine of Ginjirou Torazame is very detailed… starting from his black leather jacket that has big buttons, the collar area has white wool inserts and the rear has a huge imprint of “BEAST” that shouts aloud. Even the white T-shirt under that jacket is equally detailed with every crease well crafted!

  • The monkey wash detailing on this figurines jeans are also a class act. The crease and wraps are very well executed… even the back pockets are tastefully done. Smallest details like the red label is also captured to perfection. His boots also worth mentioning as the black detailing and the sole finish is nice. I feel that his boots and his hands are a little over sized as is in most other figurines from Organic. But it is the same hand posture that gives him that added attitude.

Overall this is a very well made figurine… being a Bad Boys series figurine it packs a punch both in terms of attitude and also in shelve presences! There are few niggles but it still manages to get a decent score of 3.5 for its overall package.


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