Meet My Black List Crossroad Collection Figurine – Kouzou Suzumoto

Kouzou Suzumoto figurine is a part trading figure lineup of tough guys from Hiroshi Takahashi’s “QP” manga! This package called “Black List Crossroad Collection Vol. 2, QP Route B” made by Organic features Kouzou Suzumoto, Jerry, Smoke-S Type-C, Ryou Azuma, Ichii, and one secret, for a total of six possible types to collect! But I only got four which you can do as it is a trading figurine.

  • This figurine comes in all black leather outfits.. There is also another version of this same Kouzou Suzumoto figurine available in olive green shirt, gray trousers and white scarf, which comes in QP Route A package. I personal feel this black version is better because it shows some character than the green one. Though this figurine is a little tall (in fact taller most figurines in my collection) it fits perfectly with any 1:18 scale model cars. That is the very same why he fits in very well with this white Lamborghini Gallardo made by Welly NEX. I tried as many combination as possible with this figurine and this car… they came out with flying colors as you could see here.

In this Kouzou Suzumoto figurine Oragnic had done a wonderful job! The scaling is accurate as a result this figurine will work well with any 1:18 scale model cars/suvs. Skin tone is natural, though you could see some tonal differences(around his arms) but that is not visible to naked eye so not a deal breaker! The accessories details are top class… be it his jewellery or the wrist band or belt buckle every single details pops out. His sunglasses are a nice touch add tremendous value to this figurine.

  • I took over 50 shot of this combo before finalising on these photos as this combo is super good together and complement each other.

I had wonderful time shooting this figurine along with this car in our apartment complex… Even though he doesn’t sport a lot of colors but the detailing work done by the craftsmen steals the show. This Kouzou Suzumoto figurine definitely added some serious value to my display so I rate this guy 4.5/5.

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