Meet my SHEAMUS Figurine

Stephen Farrelly (ring name Sheamus) is an Irish professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, this is the first WWE related figurine that I let my hands on.. why all of a sudden to this switch! I am always on a lookout for displaying my Scale Models in an innovative manner. When I was around Shoppershop scanning around the toys section(unfortunately that where they stock diecast scale models) found a set of new figurines hanging on a corner and seemed a little interesting, because they are not conventional type but a real high quality collectible type! I immediately checked it out and found this figurine worth(yes it costs around INR.500) that kind of premium. As I am not a big fan of WWE I have to spend some time online to know more… By the way good news is this figurine works very well with my figurine collection from Organic Figurines.

Lets get on to business… Is it any good with the scale models cars?? Yes it work well with all cars, even with some hatchbacks that I have in collection! But the best fit is with some mean SUVs or like in my case American Muscle.

I am a strong believer in the phrase “Boys will be Boys” because boys will like all those things big, expensive and showoff. This figurine is all stuff in a single package! Thought he was kept in a toys alley he by no mean a toy! Checkout the details on his abs and the I even like the detailed face which are mostly missed in some premium figurines too. Only missout is that its not properly scaled figurine so may not work for hardcore collectors!

This Dodge Viper in burning hot red works very well with his red hand band and his angry stance. The detailed skin tone and material used gives it a premium looks.

To top it all this figurine is carries some heritage (a WWE star) unlike other figurines (leaving the STIG duos) are just an addition to some figurine package that could add some value standing next to a diecast model car.

Let me make it very clear, I am not a WWE fan not even close… But I like this figurine very much for one reason and one reason only, that is pure attention to details and quality. At INR.500/- off a stote peg its is by far the best in his class that is available in India. Will I buy more from the same series? Yes I will!

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