Meet The Stig Figurine in White

“Some say the Scottish released him too early!” – Jeremy Clarkson, “Some say he has a stripy top just like mine” – James May and “I say he is the most exotic and a must have figurine in any collectors ledger” all we know is he is called the Stig. I have been eyeing this figurine for a while and finally the time has come to hit the buy now button, so why buy one, two should be better and I did exactly that (one in black and the other in white).

Topgear Stig - White

Topgear Stig - White

This figurine is not a mass produced figurine so finding one in ebay is very rare, it became almost impossible for as I was not so impressed with the quality. Just when I lost all the hope came across this on a Google Image search and sprigged right into action.

Topgear Stig - White

Topgear Stig - White

This is not any figurine but one of the marvels of the auto enthusiast’s world. So I wanted to do something very new! thats when I remembered a AUTOart rotary display which I got a couple of months ago.. The Camera mounted on the tripod, model switched to HD video and here I go with a detailed 360° video footage, enjoy!

When I planned a outdoor photo shoot session with this bad boy, I could not thing of much really. It has to be an exotic with a high performance rating and should be an exquisite model. One guy just poped that’s the bright orange Aventador. Though a Bburago it makes maximum impack along side of this Stig Figurine.

Topgear Stig - White

Topgear Stig - White

Topgear Stig - White

Topgear Stig - White

With the scissor doors opened and Stig in front of it will definitely turn heads (I guess, let me know if it impressed you too via comments). One most important detail that makes a very detailed model is his racing suite which is very detailed and his boot is another master touch.

Topgear Stig - White

Topgear Stig - White

Topgear Stig - White

The body is finished in matt and the helmet in bright super glossy material which kind of gives this guy a real like feel. This is one figurine which crossed Rs.1000 and shipped to by an abroad vendor. This scores full marks from me and its really fantastic to have near any 1:18 diecast car.

Topgear Stig - White

35 thoughts on “Meet The Stig Figurine in White

  1. Please make a Short REVIEW for the Aventador LP700 ..

    I really wanna hear your Ideas about that model .
    I love LP700 and I hope the details ain’t disappointing ,
    I wish it acts like a Maisto even it’s Bburago .

  2. Nice budday gift to yourself 🙂 Looks awesome. I want this guy for all my supercars n rally cars. Manga men for the rest 🙂

    Link please! I been looking for one of these for ages now man!! Mail me on guggga or PM me on SMC.

    1. Yea great idea but that will b a little boring to have 100s of stigs… anyways here( the where I got this figurine from.

      Buddy for your safety I have removed your email id or else you end up in spam rain!!!

  3. Thanks bro :).

    I found the same way you did last night- Google Image search 😀
    But the white stig is out of stock 🙁

    How much was the set shipped to India?

    1. Oops thats bad because the white Stig very very good.

      The shipping came around $7. Also try this other guy who makes these figurines his name is “Kwongcy” I guess, his email is

  4. A friend of mine already has bought 2 of these for me… BUT they are the keychain ones n are in Germany for the past 2 months.. and I have no idea when she will come down/ ship them.

    So I am thinking I should get one of these to plug the gap.. I checked on ebay too, he seems to have the black one only 🙁

    1. I personally had not done business with him but got his contact from one of the diecast forum, so its better if you make your choice. I would say goooo for it.

  5. Lol! Ok bro.. thanks a bunch again man for all the help :)!

    Last thing- how much did you pay for 1 figure shipped
    can you direct me to the forum/ page with Kwongsy’s info that u saw – I want to be sure before I part with my hard earned cash! LOL! 🙂


  6. Thanks once again Saran!
    I’ll get the white one sometime soon… waiting to see some other things i plan to purchase.
    The STIG is THE ultimate figure for posing 🙂

    BTW, lookin fwd to your thoughts about the BB Aventador. Lovely model man- congrats.

  7. Hi saran nice figurine I have BB Aventador too .. I saw 911 GT3 rs (green) from welly I wanna add it to my collection .. and lookin fwd for Audi R8 GT from Maisto.

    Amazing pics .. Still using D3100(stock) or any Upgrades ..??

    1. That’s great! Share in the pics….
      Camera is still stock should be upgrading the lens in couple of months time.

    2. Please add me in FACEBOOK I uploaded all my scale model pics .. and the email Id I mentioned is my facebook ID …

      Looking fwd for your friend request …

      Thank you

  8. Saran , Pls add me on Fb.
    I can’t seem to find you there .

    I would like to share to you/ Suggest you to buy the LP670-4 SV by Norev .
    around $54-$95 range .
    1:18 Alternative for the Autoart .
    I have the same brand but different Model . Mine is a LP640-4 By Norev .

    1. I tried to add you but could not find you…. so I suggest search for “saravanan arumugasamy” and add me… Cheers.

  9. Hi asaran. i tried to source this particular stig model but the price is crossing rs 2500.. do you have any idea from where else i can source this?? are you on fb? coz the name u wrote there are 4 ppl by the same name.. which one? 😛

  10. Hey,

    I would like to thank you for putting up this post. I was randomly googling about The Stig and stumbled upon this page and saw The Stig’s figurine and instantly fell in love with it and I knew I absolutely had to have it. Read the dealer name in comments and bought it and now they lie on my desk, right next to me right now.
    Not just that, till now I was never into action figures but The Stig kick started this hobby for me and now I’m looking out for other celeb figurines, all because I saw The Stig on this post of yours.
    Keep it up man.

    Good luck!

    1. Happy to report that The Stig figurines (black & white) are standing on my desk, right next to me while I’m typing this.
      Also got Lambo Aventador LP700-4 (the same one that’s shown in the above pics) yesterday only.

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