Minichamps to Unleash 2021 BMW M4 Coupe in 1:18 scale

Minichamps made some sleek, hot and sexy diecast scale models like the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, McLaren F1 (my personal favourite) and more track focused cars but lately there has been not many exciting new releases! But to bring back that glory, Minichamps has announced a slew of new cars and the list seems very exciting!

1:18 Minichamps BMW M4 2021 - Front

Though the list has some crazy cool cars my top favourite or the most exciting is this 2021 BMW M4 Coupe in 1:18 scale followed closely by BMW M3 Competition. Will this 2021 BMW M4 Coupe make a mark in this competitive diecast scale model market, which Minichamps once ruled?

1:18 Minichamps BMW M4 2021 - Preproduction Sample

Because this bimmer is in its initial development stage, we only have the unpainted pre-production sample and they look really detailed. The signature massive grill and silhouette of the coupe is captures to perfection. The head lamp optics looks decent for a pre-production sample but will have to wait before jumping into conclusions.

1:18 Minichamps BMW M4 2021 - Profile

These pre-production samples of the BMW M4 also shows how low these performance bimmers are and wheels patters(multi spoke) that matches the real cars in every way. The tires looks a bit fatter but they may change in the final release version… lets hope.

1:18 Minichamps BMW M4 2021 - Opening Features

This being a diecast scale model, Minichamps dint take the route(introduce sealed models) as few other brands and given us a full opening doors, hood and trunk. Lets hope we get working steering too. We may or mayn’t get working suspensions but a good add-on if we get it. As per our sources, this bimmer will hits retailers by early 2022 or late 2021, which means we still have fair chance of getting this as Christmas gift… fingers crossed.

1:18 Minichamps BMW M4 2021 - Rear

Pre-orders are open for this 2021 BMW M4 priced around 240USD and available in Grey, Blue and Safety Car. This bimmer looks promising and has all the potential to reclaim diecast scale model throne for Minichamps… all we can do right now is pre-order is wait for it! We will keep our eyes on this bimmer and update you on further updates, so stay tuned! Till next time… Caio.

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