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This second generation Pajero introduced in 1992 is all new Pajero from body, mechanicals to engine specs. This is a legacy model of AUTOart made five or more years back, but the fit and finish is pretty easily compared with the today’s latest generation scale models. At Rs.1995/- is a steal? Lets check out…

Paint Finish: The dual tone exterior is very well captured by AUTOart designer. The paint finish is good but not exceptional as it tends to look dull if kept indoor. Under sunlight it looks like a real off roader showing all glitz and glamour caching eyes with ease.

Chrome Finish: This Mitsubishi sports chrome door handles, rear tail lamp inserts, front grill & door lining and finally the alloy wheels so at most care is taken in this department which very well paid off. The chrome bits and pieces are all look like real metal than plastic giving this brute SUV a macho look.

Body Work: This is one division where no producers make much mistakes! AUTOart has gone to the next level by fusing multiple pieces (instead of one full bit beaten to that shape) just like the real car, side foot rail is a good example. Usage of plastic and diecast composition should be appreciated as well, check out the diecast body shell and plastic gray inserts all around.

Features: This Pajero features all the generic fitments like the 4 opening door, trunk door, engine hood, functional steering, collapsible third row of seats (only foldable but not cannot be rolled to the sides) and partially functioning suspension. The front window is fully rolled down and the rear windows other fully rolled ups is kind of odd, AUTOart should have maintained a same stakes here.

Fit & Finish: As with all other AUTOart models there is no rattle of door and all doors and body part fit properly into place. No gaps or scrapped paint job is visible even on closer inspection. The spring loaded doors are a kind of pain to open but fun to shut.

Interior trim: The gray/beige interior feels sad and plasticky. The additional wood like trim gives the instrument cluster a relief but it is the seats and the hand rests leaves this guy helpless.

Attention to Details: If you inspect the model closely you tent to get a lot of interesting bits and pieces to talk about. The miniature details includes left side rear mirror on the bonnet, head lamp washer, alloy wheel fastening bolts, door lock knobs, rear wash wiper (almost hidden by the spare wheel), rear foot peg etc. With all the major details well executed the greatest fitment miss out is the rear license plate which would have been a nice touch!

Wow Factor: This pajero is not a head turner but its massive size and bright color comes out under spot light or direct sunlight. So a very good model for outdoor photography!!!

Buy or Nobuy? For the price and details it sports this is a definite buy and a must have for any collectors who wants to complete their SUV line up as this is an iconic off roader.

3 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Pajero – AUTOart

  1. hey awesomely great i jst wanted to knw frm wer do v buy all these scale models m very mch wil b great if u let me knw des places thx a lot!good work!

  2. hi, saran, i am also a scale modeller enthusiast like you. Let me know where can i buy this autoart model in mumbai? Let me know from where did u buy your particular model.

    1. Great to hear from an other guy like me! I got this beast from TOYOPIA Bangalore. I guess they are also available in places like Shopperstop, Reliance Timeout, Pantaloon etc.

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