NewRay 1:12 Ducati Monster S4 – Unboxed

So finally the legendary Ducati Monster S4 is home… Yes I been looking for this model for ages and ages… I try many online and offline resources but something always goes wrong when it come procuring this Italian MONSTER!! I have been eyeing this S4(in Flipkart) by NewRay in 1:12 scale for some time… Last time the Harley twins took the slot.. And finally on 6th Oct, 2014 the mind said “today is the day” so I added this to my cart alone with three more NewRay 1:12 motorbike models(all in red) and clicked that checkout button! It was promised by Flipkart that this beauty will be delivered by 16th October but to my surprise delivery guy knocked my door today.

  • The model came in brown box package with Flipkart logo all over it and a prominent “The Big Billion Day” sticker on it that shouts that I should have got some decent discount! Yes I got around 10% actual discount though they claim 30% on sticker price. The package that you see above is for sure abused quite badly!! Thanks to the Flipkart’s packaging team for trowing in some oversized bubble wrap that took most of the abuse and kept the original package in tact!

Yes yes.. The box seems like its been in storage for so many years! I felt the same, but its usually the same sight with most of the diecast vendors baring few exceptions like Dreamcarmodels who give more emphasis even for the box! This is because of the fact that most of the Indian store owner don’t know the difference between authentic scale model and a r/c model car toy.

  • When it comes to unboxing or transporting 1:12 motorcycle model I hate NewRay! Their box stay is very award and kind of painful!! I always be under the fear that I am going to break a part or few! This Ducati Monster S4 is no different experience! I almost felt like I broke the left trellis frame when removing the middle tie that kind of sucked and refuses to come out of the bike! Come on NewRay you can do better! It is pleasant relief after that unboxing and all good sights in red.

Quick observations: This Ducati Monster S4 indeed is slightly off scaled, as is the case with most other NewRay! The paint finish is on par with most other NewRay Ducati products! The cycle parts are detailed but a little flimsy and rattles at time. The lastly my model dont have a rear view mirror glass and also the speedo console sticker! I have plans to put this bike against the Maisto 1:12 Ducati Monster 696 and also a plan to do some modes like carbon fiber, painted alloy wheels and even planning to change the color to deep gray… So alot of action planned for this Ducati S4 Monster!

5 thoughts on “NewRay 1:12 Ducati Monster S4 – Unboxed

  1. You got nice collection. And hey about this also, does it use metal tank? And yeah the headlamp and the engine is bent pretty much downward! :/

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