NewRay 1:12 Ducati Multistrada 1200S Pikes Peak – Unboxed

There are quite a lot of contreversies around the FlipKart “Big Billion Day” sales but I would say it worked well for me… I got this 1:12 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak by NewRay along with three other NewRay 1:12 bike models! I have already unboxed “Ducati Monster S4” and “Ducati Monster 1100” a while back… And this is the third in the slot order to be unboxed. Like the other box from FlipKart this box also don’t have any Big Billion Day print, its just a plain jane brown box.

  • This Multistrada came in a big box along with an other 1:12 scale Honda GoldWing, so its kind of huge… But enough bubble wrap is done around that kept off rattling and scratches! Also this box being bigger came with a little bit more thicker material, which gave extra protection and the same was handled bit better by Flipkart’s logistics guys.

My first impression on this Multistrada 1200 S is mixed! This is on par with most other NewRay but for this model I have a closest competitor in hand i.e. the Maisto Multistrada 1200S, which sports far more superior fit & finish, paint job and also better decals! But an actual verdict can only be reached after detailed comparison, so hold on a while for that to happen.

  • Missing speedo sticker and mirrors issue like the other two models is there in this model as well, which makes it the third model to have this same old issue!

This Multistrada is infact a surprise addition! I was causally browsing through FlipKart’s diecast collection and found this by accident and wanted it ever since but kept it on hold because I was not sure if what FlipKart promises is what they have…. later desire won over certainty so this guy landed in my shelves. Hold on a full review, comparison and a Ducati family shoot!

8 thoughts on “NewRay 1:12 Ducati Multistrada 1200S Pikes Peak – Unboxed

    1. For a short time, Wal-Mart carried 1:12 diecast bikes. I got the Multistrada, a black Monster 696, a KTM 690 Duke, and maybe a couple of other bikes. Haven’t seen them in a while there though.

    1. I am writing that post as we speak! By today you should see the unboxing post of the NewRay Gold Wing!!

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