Otto Mobile is All Set to Release 1:18 scale Renault Megane TC4 this September

Otto mobile a resin scale model maker just announced its 1:18 newest offering and we are super excited for it. It is the track focused Renault Mégane TC4 in 1:18 scale and it is coming in as early as this September. Otto shared pre-production same photos and we are blow out of water, thanks to its clean lines and sharp decals. The sample looks production ready as all it is all polished and detailed for a sample resin scale model.

Otto 1:18 Renault Megane TC4

What I like about Otto Mobile is the variety and this is one such example! Though its a very sharp performance car, most scale model maker ignored (may be due to licensing issues) but Otto secured the licence and here come a beauty from Renault’s stable in 1:18 scale. Though this is not Otto’s first Renault Megane as it has an array of Megan in different tuning condition and all of them are a great hit with collectors!

Otto 1:18 Renault Megane TC4

Otto shared few pics of this upcoming Megane TC4 in their Facebook page ( and it shows us some angles and the stance is what I like the most about it. It’s low ground hugging stance enhanced by skirts all around makes it a hot looking piece in any display of desk. The gold wheels and gold decals makes special, tell us your favourite bit of this model in our comments section below.

Otto 1:18 Renault Megane TC4

This 1:18 scale Renault Megane TC4 will come to diecast retailer and hobby stores by this September and is priced at under €70. If you want to pre-order this beauty from Otto’s official store, you will have to wait till July when Otto opens its pre-order booking, so keep a tabs on their official site. We too will keep our eyes on further development on this and other products from Otto and keep you posted… so stay tuned and keep visiting us for more updates. Till next time, Ciao.


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