OttO mobile to Launch Volkswagen Golf R400 in 1:18 scale this April

Hot hatches is segments of its own and a very big one in Europe! Mini Cooper, Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus all takes the top spots so these brands release special performance oriented edition now and then. One such concept released in 2014 Beijing Motor Show by Volkswagen is the Golf R400 Concept, with over 400 horses, this is a speed demon for sure! This R400 was released in limited numbers in 2017 and brought out some crazy big smile! OttO mobile recently unveiled its plan to release this hottie in 1:18 scale and I personally was excited to the core.

VW Golf R400 - Front

OttO mobile makes some cool cars that other manufactures totally ignored so this news about the Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept is nothing out of blue! These OttO models are sealed resin model so you cannot expect opening parts like diecast scale model but the finish is top class, under right photographic angles you could be fooled for the real one. I personally like these sealed ones for their shutline, which makes them super realistic. This Golf R400 concept, will only be released in “Glasurit MA141.80 Glossy” seen in pictures.

VW Golf R400 - Profile

I love VW hatches and always wanted to own a Polo GTI but as a scale model I would vote for Golf. This Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept looks very much like a normal Golf(as most of work went under the hood) but has some bit and pieces to make it hug the ground tight under high speed cornering. The wheels is one such piece that I love in this scale car.

VW Golf R400 - Rear

OttO mobile has mentioned that this would be available by April and share these beautiful sample pics in their Facebook page and pre-ordering is also open in its official site for 69,90€, which in my books is a very good deal. OttO as always, will produce this in only limited numbers(3000 as per sources), so rush in if you are into this hottie. Have a great day… Ciao.


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