OttOmobile to Unleash 1:18 scale BMW M5 E34 Cecotto Edition by January 2023

OttOmobile is known for so many cool scale models in 1:18 and other smaller scales. My favourite of the lot is Ford Focus RS 2016 in Nitrous Blue and there comes another one to compete for that top spot. Yeah the BMW M5 E34 “Cecotto” is a greta car and we all love it… so finally OttOmobile is all set to unleash it in 1:18 scale and that too as early as January 2023.

OttOmobile 1:18 BMW M5 E34 Cecotto - Front

Few days ago, Ottomobile has shared this news of BMW M5 E34 “Cecotto” in their Facebook page and it got me excited as the shared pics looks so perfect and so nice for pre-production sample. For me the headlights and its swooping hood are its favourite and OttOmobile nailed it even for this sample. The sample also shows a glimpse of the headlight washer, which is so small but done well by OttOmobile team.

OttOmobile 1:18 BMW M5 E34 Cecotto - Aerial View

From the shared pic, this scale model of BMW M5 E34 looks so perfect, so we could get this even earlier than January and right on time for Christmas if we get lucky. This being a sealed resin model, the shut-line will be super clean. The aerial view shows the sunroof even and a glimpse of the light interior trim. The black steering and centre console also looks neat in this German beauty.

OttOmobile 1:18 BMW M5 E34 Cecotto - Rear

Finally this BMW M5 E34 Cecotto is legendary so as its scale replica model by OttOmobile. The chances of these selling out even before launch is quite high so collector are already lining up for the pre-order window to open and that is around December so not far off. The launch price as per OttOmobile is €69.90 and that is a great price taking into consideration the details it packs in. So go ahead and pre-order one if it is one of you musthave models. Till next time, Ciao.


Priced at €69.90, this for sure is a great value for money BMW. OttO starts as early as Dec 2022.

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