Pre Orders for TSM 1:12 Ducati 1299 Panigale is Now Open

We recently covered TSM’s foray into 1:12 bike segment and what got my attention was a Ducati Scrambler Icon! But it used to be this Ducati 1299 Panigale that was shown even before the Scrambler in many shows(including Nurunberb Toys Show) and teaser picture shown in TSM’s Facebook page long before that. We discovered that prices are announced and pre-ordering procedure is also on, which got me exicted to write this post. Lets go and find whats there and whats not there.

  • TSM 1:12 Ducati 1299 S - Box

    Firstly these are some officially released pictures of this beautiful red Ducky that not only sports some series muscle but also features that pack a punch! As mentioned in my Ducati Scrambler coverage TSM is super excited them and showing of their skills even in packaging department. I have to admit it is an awesome box, much better than the Scrambler’s yellow box. This black box speaks premiumness in a big way, the 1299’s silhouettes on it works magic of on this package!

  • TSM 1:12 Ducati 1299 S - Front

Moving on from the box there are so many things to talk about!! This 1:12 Ducati 1299 Panigale comes loaded with features that I feel a very big note are required to even take note! Friend who visited Shizuoka Hobby Show this year showed off some features Yes I am not kidding! As a video updated by a Facebook use, who visited Shizuoka Hobby Show this year showed some features that are first in class! Most 1:12 motorbike models now a days comes with a working rear suspension but how can you think of that comes with front suspension? I don’t know any till I saw this model in action. Cable and piping detail that are on par with AUTOart’s 1:12 and 1:10 bikes. And finally the aluminum like material that are used for those rear foot pegs, that just fools your eyes in broad day light.

  • For a pre-production sample this Ducati 1299 Panigale is almost perfect! The paint finish is awesome just like the real Ducati would. The microscopic details like the screw that hold the visor and the body panels together are there and in almost accurate size! And check out the under seat exhaust that has some great heat burn details. And finally the kick stand, which is a bummer that looks cheap and plastic. And finally here comes the information that you have been waiting for yeap it is not cheap at USD 120, it could very well be called an expensive affair. But for the details that Ducati 1299 Panigale offers the price is pretty well justifiable! Will I buy one for my collection? May be! If you want this Duc to grace your display shelves then better pre-order now here. Till next time, Ciao.


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