Royal Enfield to Unleash Handmade Classic 500 Scale Model in 1:3 Scale

Royal Enfield is an Indian bike manufacturer, which I also call it Harley Davidson of India, know for their bikes like Classic, Thunderbird, GT 650. Its riders love it and we collectors love it for its fine details. Maisto’s 1:12 Classic 500 did its good run filling so many budget collectors display. Now Royal Enfield is stepping in to bring in premium feel to the scale model field with its handmade 1:3 scale Classic 500.

Royal Enfield Scale Model - Profile

These Royal Enfield Classic 500 are focused at serious collector as it packs in very fine details, handmade to perfection in RE’s studio. Royal Enfield shared a promotion video which showed some crazy detailing like working clutch leavers, brakes, working accelerators, scaled miniature key and other normal scale model features like steering and suspension.

Royal Enfield Scale Model - Assembly

This being handmade, the crafters in RE had put few other trivial details that makes sense to collector who are willing to pay big bugs for those attention to details. Yes, this Royal Enfield is not part-time scale model collectors but for serious hardcore collector, priced at ₹67,990/- this cost almost half the price of the original 1:1 road going Classic 500.

Royal Enfield Scale Model - Details

This Model is by no means a expensive piece in your display but in my opinion these are great value for money. Yeah for the money you pay, you get a piece of history that too hand made by the crafting team that made the real bike even. The drive chains looks so details as well and I would want them working.

Royal Enfield Scale Model - Profile

These Royal Enfield scale model are to be produced in limited numbers but RE dint mentioned any specific numbers. Even at this steep price the model are selling at pace even RE would have anticipated. Just like the real bike, you have some color options (actually 8) to pick and park in your display, it it can hold this super heavy one of its kind scale model.

Royal Enfield Scale Model - Gun grey

I picked few of the paint finish, which I liked and this Gun Grey. This shade was one of my favourite in 1:1 and the scale model looks pretty cool too. Enhanced by those classic chrome, this is a looker in any display.

Royal Enfield Scale Model - Desert Storm

If you are regular here, you would know I love this desert storm shade and I also have a 1:12 scale model of “Royal Enfield Classic 500” (news coverage and unboxing here) made by Maisto. This desert storm seems more like a hot selling piece and my favourite of the lot.

Royal Enfield Scale Model - Black

This Black is the most authentic of all and my second favourite. I do have a 1:12 scale black Classic 500 and love it to the core, I did lot of photoshoot with this model and it steals the show all the time. So this 1:3 scale model will do the same in multiple folds, thanks to details and scale advantages.

Royal Enfield Scale Model - Teal

Finally, the teal is a classic color and seems more like the favourites of the team, yeah they used this color most of their promotion, which proves it. Overall I like this product and appreciate the initiative that a brand like Royal Enfield is taking. This will encourage other manufacturer to take this route, so bravo to RE for this and thanks for doing it right. We have more news coverage coming your way, so stay tuned. Till next time, Ciao.


This beautiful handmade limited edition 1:3 scale Royal Enfield Classic 500 can be booked for ₹2,000

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