Shelby Series 1 – Bburago

Car’s History:
Shelby Series 1 was a high-performance roadster designed by Carroll Shelby and produced by Shelby American. It was powered by Oldsmobile’s 4.0 L L47 Aurora V8 DOHC engine. It has 320 hp at 6500 rpm, 290.0 lb ft at 5000 rpm and will do 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds, top speed is 270 km/h. The Series 1 is the only car ever produced by Carroll Shelby from a clean sheet of paper, and built from the ground up. All other Shelbys are re-engineered models produced by other manufacturers and modified by Shelby.

Package and Content:
It comes in a regular windowed box typical as other Bburago models. The model is secured with two screws from the bottom and couple of transparent tapes for the doors and bonnet. The Bburago guys have also included a 2000 year catalogue of their 18th, 24th and 64th scale models.

Exterior and Features:
This being a actual shade of the production car has a nice silver paint job, racing strips in red and chrome finished alloys. Bburago made this model only in this particular color though Maisto made this in some weird colors (red, blue..) too. The sliver finish is exceptional and gaps between the doors, bonnet etc. is somehow done well, thumbs up to Bburago for such a nice job. Feature wise it has all the generic stuff like opening doors and bonnet and operational steering system.

Interiors and Underbody:
The seats, the upholstery, dashboard are done with some nice detailing but nothing ground breaking here. I am not a great fan of the door hinch in Bburago models but they do a very functional job well so no comments on that. The underbody details are very well done with the mixture of plastic, chrome and rubber. The Engine bay is superb and detailing is mind blowing or earth shattering for a budget brand. Overall a good model for the collection and great value for money.

On the Whole:
This model definitely added some substance to my collection of American cars, though made by a budget brand the wow it collects is comparable to the other premiums.

4 thoughts on “Shelby Series 1 – Bburago

  1. I too have this car. I’ll mention the issues first. I found the hood gaps to be big on mine. Also, although the paint is smooth as glass, a closer look at the metallic flakes inside the paint show them to be chunky and uneven. The pass-side door doesn’t shut flush, and the exhaust is crooked…and looks sloppy from behind. With that said, the detail is spot on, from Carrol Shelby’s signature, to “Borla” on the exhaust mufflers. If it weren’t for the quality issues, I’d love it.

    1. Thanks alot for sharing your view. Most budget models like Maisto, Bburago, Welly etc. have some form of issues, which is common, My shelby series 1 also has the door issue as you mentioned but I like it like hell because its Shelby….

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