American Small Wonders at 64 Scale – Part 1

I have often heard ‘big things comes in small packages’ but never felt that till I set my hands on these miniature scale model cars. These type of cars are no new to me as I used to play with hundreds when I was a kid, but buying it now gives me great joy and excitement.

These are purely the soul’s decision as I am not into this type(1:18 scale cars is) of car collection. They keep my ticker busy and doesn’t engage in a fight with the big boys, at the same time they create a fan club of their own with ease.

These cutesy micro models are inexpensive starting at INR. 79/, so a huge freedom to shop like crazy without checking your bank balance. Right now I own only HotWheels and MatchBox models. Most collectors can easily pass 1000 mark in less than a month’s time due to the easy availability and compact size.

The details have highly improved along the way, thanks to the technology and ever growing market and passion for these models. This is part one of the series to follow with Small Wonder tag. American car takes the pride of the ice breaker.

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