Dodge Vipers enjoying Indian Summer

Dodge Viper pull its name from a Venomous Snake that likes sun and very lethal if attacked. These Vipers are also designed to do the same but in a very civilized fashion.. I always have weakness for American Muscle and Viper being a muscle and modern car in a single package, who would say no?? When I first set my hands on the this GTS Coupe I was blown away.. That excitement got better when I found an other SRT Viper Coupe so thought of a photo shoot before the actual review. Here we go…

This blue Dodge Viper GTS Coupe with his racing strips and aggressive stance still rubs shoulders with the new snake from the same performance staple! To be very frank I would still go for this GTS. The SRT has some potential but the old daddy’s muscle is for more sexier that the new hunk!

I sort of love the Aston Martin style rear end of the new STR but the front doesn’t shout muscle as mush as the old GTS!

I believe you liked these photos as much as I did!! If you have any suggestions or comments drop a note below and I will act on it and deliver what you are expecting out of me. Byes.

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