Stig’s Dayout with SLS AMG & its GT3 Sibling

Some say that “He has a full size tattoo of his face, on his face” and some say that “He spends spare time catching fish with his tongue or foraging for wolves in the woods”… All we know is, he’s called the Stig. The bizarre facts is he also spends his spare time in driving! This weekend with Mercedes Benz SLS AMGs, not one but two.. one is the Street legal SLS and the other is a GT3 Spec SLS. Lets find out what his desires are.. I guess he would go for the GT3 but who knows he is now a “tamed racing driver” remember “TAMED”, so he could go for that sexy red paint job and leather seats!

Tamed or otherwise you can never put a racing driver into a road car when he has an option of setting his butt on those hard racing seats… So he sets his eyes on the SLS AMG GT3 first. That’s not a surprise. After few laps on our very own beaten track he got off and braced him self for the road machine.

Though the GT3 is rewarding on a track its stiff suspension and composed ride would have created so issue.. But once he is on the road version he enjoyed a couple of laps and came to a halt! Got off the car tried the doors, enjoyed the body work and got back and drove off…

After few more laps and skreeking cornering brought back the car and stated the same old stuff that he was doing before… May be he is loving the exterior of this bright red SLS but not the ride!

Finally its decision time… When we asked STIG whats his favorite he did nothing! Then we asked him in sign language by showing thumbs up to both the cars, he wiggled his head and walked to the GT3. That is a clear sign that a race driver will never put his money on a road car even if it comes with a AMG badge.

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