Top 10 Hot Wheels Premiums of 2020

The year 2020 was a rough one on the whole but my Hot Wheels collection dint go sore as I expected! People evolve and I did too as moved my focus to online and reduced my physical hunt… But later towards the end things got back to “new normal” and I was back one target. Overall my 2020 was good for Hot Wheels and I picked quite a few Premiums and have to put dedicated Hot Wheels Top 10 for Premiums.

Mercedes Benz Euro Hauler - Team Transport

To bring in some perception to this Top 10, I considered everything that costed over 199 as premiums, which includes Premium carded cars like Car Culture, Boulevard, Fast & Furious, Entertainment mixes and even Team Transport. Before we get into the main matters, lets meet our honourable mentions. And the first one get this pos is the Euro Hauler from the Team Transport, which used to be rare as hell and now a peg warmer! I took the TT just for the Hauler and sold the SL300.

The Dark Knight Rises Lamborghini Aventador Coupe - Entertainment Mix

I love Batman and all his cars and his Batmobiles! When Hot Wheels unleashed this Aventator coupe from The Dark Knight Rises, I jumped in joy! I and not a big fan of lighter shade cars and thats is the only reason why this Italian bull dint made it to my “Top 10 Premiums” list!

Ford GT - Boulevard Series

Finally one other grey car takes the Honorable space! I love Ford GT as much I like European exotics cars… And this Ford GT(#13) came in Boulevard Series was a nice car but it couldn’t cut it as there was an other brother carrying race name to it and lot more graphics and body kits to spring board him.

Nissan Skyline GT-R (BCNR33) - Boulevard Series

At tenth place, we have Nissan Skyline GT-R (BCNR33)(#2) from the Boulevard Series again, seems like I have picked too many “Boulevard Series” cars and loving them all… I guess! This Nissan Skyline even though a silver, made its way passed the Aventator to the 10th place because of it sleek headlamps, tail lamps and those nismo decal got him here. And also I Like this Nissan Skyline madly!

83 Chevy Silverado 4×4 – Boulevard Series

Coming at ninth place is a 83 Chevy Silverado 4×4 released under Boulevard Series. I love lifted trucks and this Silverado is one cool lifted truck and the blue/white dual tone paint scheme enhances the look further. I have a normal version from American Trucks themed card series but this trumps it quite well.

1991 Mercedes-Benz G-Class - Boulevard Series

As my regular follower know I am a big time SUV lover and they always gets higher score in my books. This 1991 Mercedes-Benz G-Class was one very subtle SUV released in Boulevard Series and a looker on its own takes the eighth! This Merc comes with a removable soft top but I love it with one on, so I had it in display like this!

Honda Civic EG - Fast & Furious Fast Tuners

This Yellow Honda Civic EG takes the seventh place and is the only hatchback in this entire list! This Honda Civic EG is released under Fast & Furious Fast Tuners and the best of the entire series as per view! It got higher score than “Subaru WRX STI” because of its bright yellow paint job and cleaner headlamp and taillight details. The sunroof is a nice touch too.

Volkswagen Baja Bug - Boulevard Series

Right below the “Top 5” fold and at sixth place is Volkswagen Baja Bug from the Boulevard Series. This VW Bug is one cool yet odd looking car in my list, this got some extra points because of its higher profile! I love this bug a lot and the only piece that dint work in favour is the tri-colour graphics. A plain colour car in a brighter shade would have gotten higher ranking.

Ford F150 SVT Lightning - Fast & Furious Motor City Muscle

Ever since the first Fast and Furious movie was released, I was behind the Ford F150 SVT Lightning that Brian drives around in! Finally after a long long wait I got the F150 SVT Lightning in 1:18 scale and I was also excited for this Ford F150 SVT Lightning in Hot Wheels Premium Fast & Furious Motor City Muscle. I personally like the shade and chrome wheels, which made me fall in love with this truck at first sight, so I took two!

71 Porsche 911 – Car Culture

Sitting at fourth place is the 71 Porsche 911, which is a part Car Culture series! This Porsche 911 with Magnus Walker decal is one stylish looking Porsche that I own. The Urban Outlaw decal to 277 are done well! I booked this Porsche 911 by December 2019 but got it only by January along with next T1 Panel Bus, which are both super sleek.

At number three is the Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus release under Boulevard Series is the first purchase of 2020 on the very first day! I picked this T1 Bus to pair with Magnus Walker Porsche but this stole my heart so got a higher place than the Porsche itself. Though mine has some chipping but nothing big to complain.

RWB Porsche 930 - Team Transport

I love track focused cars and this RWB Porsche 930 is one of the most sorted car, since I picked the silhouette RWB. Though the matt grey is sleek one but my love for brighter colour cars got into picking this in Team Transport package. Yeah I picked a Full Package just for this Porsche and loving it to the core!

2016 Ford GT Race Ford - Team Transport

Taking this year’s top place is yet an other Team Transport car. This 2016 Ford GT Race got it’s high place for its beautiful casting, sleek decals and racing add-ons. The Castrol livery in green and red along with big blue Ford logo all working in tandem to give this a perfect blend! That massive black spoiler and diffusers are value add like a cherry in a perfect cake. Overall my 2020 was not a very bad year and I am expecting more for 2021… lets see! Happy New Year.

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