TSM Model’s Massive 1:12 scale McLaren F1 GTR #59 1995 Le Mans 24hrs Winner Coming Soon

TSM is known for detailed scale models in 1:12, 1:18 and some smaller scales models. We here at xDiecast are really excited for the upcoming 1:12 scale McLaren F1 GTR #59 1995 Le Mans 24hrs Winner, which was recently announced by TSM models. This 195 McLaren F1 GTR in 1:12 get some fine details and it is shown in the TSM’s Facebook post with some more details of release and pics.

TSM 1:12scale McLaren-F1 GTR 1995 - Headlamps

I love Mclaren F1 GTR and always been my favourite track focused car of all time. This McLaren F1 GTR being a 1:12 scale car, comes with an array of fine details. The headlamp shows the double reflective elements and the details around it all great! Cornering lights, turn indicators with park lights looks super high quality and detailed.

TSM 1:12scale McLaren-F1 GTR 1995 - Front

1:12 scale seems like a perfect scale if you want to admire all decals in a track focused car… This McLaren has lot of decals and all of them looks detailed to core. I like the roof mounted antenna and it scaling and detailing is pristine as 1:12 gives you bit more flexibility to detail it.

TSM 1:12scale McLaren-F1 GTR 1995 - Rear

What I like about the McLaren F1 is its stance and this TSM model McLaren F1 GTR #59 1995 Le Mans 24hrs Winner depicts them perfectly… even the clearance between the tire and fender is accurate! The details in this McLaren GTR is so good you could even see the rivets all through the bodywork including the spoiler!

TSM 1:12scale McLaren-F1 GTR 1995 - Rear

TSM models done so much detailing in this McLaren, the GTR and McLaren F1 badging is relatively size accurate for a scale model! The exhaust of the real McLaren GT is covered in gold to dissipate heat… same is captured wonderfully by TSM in this 1:12 scale model. This McLaren by TSM model is all set for launch in few months and pre-orders have started already so go for it, if you are into 1:12 scale models that looks this good!

Source/Pics: www.facebook.com/TSMModel, www.topgear.com

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