Weekend Toy Car Photo Session with Bburago Ferrari 488 GTO

My weekends used to be good… I used to go out for shopping(for toy cars, figurines and more), long ride in my Kawasaki Ninja and even drive down to photoshoot location away from city to get better perception. But Covid-19 changed it all and I slowly started hating weekends as they are more boring than weekdays! Though nothing can be done about it, I started exploring other options that will have very limited outdoor exposure, without sacrificing too much fun! Today’s photoshoot candidate is Bburago Ferrai 488 GTB (Race and Play edition) by Bburago, who is definitely worthy of this experimental photoshoot.

Bburago Ferrari 488 GTO - Toy Photoshoot

Because I love being outdoors (with or without my scale model cars) I have very limited props that can give a realistic feel to the photos! But I did collected some props in the past few months and also made some custom diorama props to enhance the feels. One such prop is this artificial grass sheet, which is actually a left over from our home portico makeover! This grass is on a bigger side but with 1:18 car on it they don’t look so bad! I took one shot of the front from elevated angle and was blown by the outcome. I only took 3 shot in this setup and already finalised one! Only correction I need to do for this setup is to add a diffusing umbrella to take away the harsh glare coming straight from my room light!

Bburago Ferrari 488 GTO - Toy Photoshoot

Because I am doing this photoshoot in my makeshift indoor studio, I decided to go with a cool background of a mountain pass and dropped it in my laptop screen as its background. I love the fine details of cars like wheels, door handles, brake calibers, headlamp optics etc. and that is the reason why I prefer to collect 1:18 scale model as they are loaded with details, even budgets once like this Bburago Ferrari 488 GTO. This Italian beauty is loaded with details to its brim, but the wheels gets the top score in my opinion! So I put its front-end as the focus along with wheels and made this master-piece! I could even fake it as a real car if not for the shutline, which gives it off.

Bburago Ferrari 488 GTO - Toy Photoshoot

To keep the photoshoot exciting, I picked some interesting angles and one of them is the rear 3/4, which is one of my favourite! This angle gives great scope to enjoy the rear-end details like the sleek taillamps, twin exhaust and even the rear wheel details. The real 488 GTB has a hazards light like formula-1 car but that is not painted in this model so just don’t stands out! And because I have a very small working area for this photo session, I settled on this shot and was fairly happy with the outcome. Hope you had fun this weekend and these photos inspired you too. Till next time… Ciao!

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