AUTOart to Release Honda Civic Type R 2017 Soon in 1:18 Scale

Honda Civic is one Japanese car that car enthusiast love… Its not a sports car nor a family car but a perfect car for someone who whats best of both worlds. The Honda Civic Type R is a specially tuned variant that comes with performance oriented engine, aero kit and sharp dynamic styling. Our diecast collectors are also very much in love with this Honda, TopSpeed Model released a 1:18 Honda Civic Type R 2017 model in resin sealed format and they sold out like hot cake. So we diecast collector are waiting for a real diecast 1:18 Honda Civic Type R and AUTOart headed us and reacted on it.

AUTOart 1:18 Honda Civic Type R 2018 - Front

AUTOart have been teasing us for some time and last week they showed off some hand sample in their Facebook page. Guess what they have in their post… a Honda Civic Type R. Yes the Hand sample photos look very good and show all the premium feel that you would expect from a premium diecast brand like AUTOart.

AUTOart 1:18 Honda Civic Type R 2018 - Profile

The white body work is spot on and the piano finished parts are exceptional too. Though a pre-production hand sample the shut lines are tight and almost ready for launch! The wheel details and the red caliper just looks good! Even the keyless entry button on the door handle details is also there!

AUTOart 1:18 Honda Civic Type R 2018 - Hood and Doors

These pic show more details and look more like production ready model. Check out those engine cover details, red, black and aluminum details all done to stand out! The piping work is also exceptional as is with all other AUTOart product. The interior also get some red detailing in upholstery as well and get sporty seats and four point seat bealts. All four doors opens along with hatch and hood, which is a norm with all AUTOart.

AUTOart 1:18 Honda Civic Type R 2018 - Hatch and Doors

The hatch open really high and is supported by AUTOart standard hydraulics and this gives us more options in our display. This should be a Asian spec and comes in RHD format and all the peddle details are sleek. Both the boot and interiors get carpeting… again an other AUTOart norm. Rear-end also shows some sleek carbon fiber details in the rear diffuser and those three tail pipes completes that perfect picture.

AUTOart 1:18 Honda Civic Type R 2018 - Rear

I was exceptional impress by these pic and should say AUTOart have done an spot on job. As of now there is no release date infos so as the pricing details, which should should be reasonable taking into consideration the details. As far as we could speculate this will not be a signature model but a performance series model so the price would be reasonable. Because of the near perfect nature of this sample I would only assume that this will hit stores by this quarter itself. Lets hope this comes in carrying a good price and soon. We will keep you posted on any updates… Till next time, Ciao.


Release details and price information not available at this point but will be revealed soon!

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