Bburago to Unleash 1:18 scale Ferrari SF90 Stradale Soon in 3 Colors

Ever since Bburago got Ferrari licence its rolling out model after carrying Ferrari badge in 1:18, 1:24 and more taking advantage of the license. But 2021 catalog showed a rather dull line up… there was not much to talk about but Bburago dropped a big news of Ferrari SF90 Stradale in 1:18 scale. Yeah 1:18 not 1:24! I love budget diecast model cars as much as high end scale models and this Ferrari SF90 Stradale should pretty well sit in very high.

Bburago 1:24 Ferrari SF90 Stradale - Front View

This Ferrari SF90 Stradale news was unveiled recently but no photos are shared so I picked 1:24 scale model( released by Bburago last year for only reference purpose. We are confident that Bburago will do a much better job in their upcoming 1:18 Ferrari SF90 Stradale and should be available in 3 colors, which are Red with Band(Rosso Scuderia), Red Black(Rosso Corsa) and Yellow(Giallo Modena).

Bburago 1:24 Ferrari SF90 Stradale - Profile View

The 1:18 scale Ferrari SF90 Stradale will sure comes with more features like a working steering, suspension, opening hood, doors and trunk. And should also have option of with and without raised front window. This should also have some tight shutline than the 1:24 scale diecast Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which I am already in love with.

Bburago 1:24 Ferrari SF90 Stradale - Rear View

As per the current information that we have the first set of Ferrari SF90 Stradale will be released in basic “Race & Play” series but we could expect Bburago’s signature sooner! We have no update on the release date and price point but we would want it by this year, which would be a great Christmas gift without breaking the bank. We will keep you posted on any updates on this Ferrari SF90 Stradale, so stay tuned. Till next time, Ciao.


Bburago is yet to release 1:18 Ferrari SF90 Stradale photos till then enjoy 1:24 scale photos.

3 thoughts on “Bburago to Unleash 1:18 scale Ferrari SF90 Stradale Soon in 3 Colors

  1. Glad to see them finally doing something with the 1/18 Ferraris. Hoping this is leading into the Pista being released in 1/18 as well. There’s so many great modern Ferraris that don’t have an option besides MR/BBR

    1. Yeah this is a great news indeed! Even I am super excited for Pista in 1:18! Fingers crossed maybe in 2023 as 2022 catalog don’t have any reference of Pista yet!

  2. I just checked 2022 catalog of Bburago and there is a great news… Yeah we will also get SF90 spider as well along with this coupe (Stradale) in year 2022! Hooray that is great.

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