GT Spirit to start delivery of its Ford GT40 MKI Soon

Ford GT40 is one high-performance American-British endurance racing car that paved way to some modern American car that we have today! This Ford GT40 is a must have if you that craze for American car that are targeted at performance and speed! I happen to have a AUTOart made Ford GT in red and it look super hot! This MKI on the other is a rare breed as not many model makers made in 1:18 scale that most matured collectors were waiting a long long time! GT Spirit is known for some really nice resin models that are popular and rare in the diecast/scale model world! This news broke off a a while back and I was blown by the photos of the pre-production sample.

  • GT Spirit Ford GT 40 MKI - Front
  • GT Spirit Ford GT 40 MKI - Rear
  • GT Spirit Ford GT 40 MKI - Profile
  • Though these photos are from a pre-production they look so sharp and the decals, wheels and headlamp optics are realistic! I personally like the head lamp cover with reverts!
  • GT Spirit Ford GT 40 MKI - AssemblyAs per the news release this Ford GT40 is expected by this month and recently GT Spirit show off some photo of its assembly line, which gives us some insight and confidence. These photos gives us those first hand view of the real models that is been packed for us collectors! The model looks cool and the assembly procedure just remind of those olden day where all the cars are hand made!
  • GT Spirit Ford GT 40 MKI - Assembly
  • GT Spirit Ford GT 40 MKI - Assembly

As is the regular practice this GT Spirit Ford GT40 also is produced in limited numbers(i.e. only 1500 will ever be produced), which gives this American beauty some real novelty value! With its launch date closing and the stock all been taken even before launch means this is one hot cake! If you are not in that list of people who had this model pre-ordered then you can check your favorite diecast/scale model car store because most of these stocks are pulled in by them for retailing purpose, which I guess is a bit pricey but I guess that is the only way possible if you want this legend in your collection. Happy shopping… Ciao!


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