Newray to make 1:12 Honda CBR1000RR 2016

Newray makes some very cool diecast motorcycle models in 1:12 scale. If you are into 1:12 diecast motorcycle collection then you are left with very options because not many player in the diecast car business are so keen on making motorcycles! So Newray’s market share is consistent… Its portfolio was almost static for few years now but things are about to change… When I was going through Newray 2016 Catalog and I was excited by the bubble that says new and my most favorite is this Honda CBR1000RR 2016… in this tricolor color scheme!

  • Honda CBR1000RR 2016

    The above pic is for your reference only as Newray has not release any image of its prototype etc. But we are skeptic about the release and expect it to happen before the end of this year… Prices and other details will can only be relieved once they are available. But going with what we have seen in the past the price should around USD.20 to get that competitive edge. So what is the color that you would want Newray to make? The Tricolor, Repsol of the all solid black? Comment below… Till we get this in our retailer stores all we could do is dream about it.

  • Newray Honda CBR1000RR 1:12

    Real screen grab from the 2016 Catalog, which unfortunately doesn’t shows the release date or paint schemes that will be made available! And going with the package dimension its identical to the older CBRs but the weight is considerably reduced! May be cost cutting!

  • 2016 CBR1000RR


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