1:18 scale Bugatti Bolide Concept Coming Soon from Bburago

Bugatti is a car maker know for high performance exotic sports cars. And Bburago’s 1:18 range of Bbugati is quite interesting already and it is about to get a one more great car… Yes it is none other than the Bugatti Bolide Concept, their track-oriented hyper sports car with minimal body, which also makes it the best looking track car in any 1:18 diecast display. As the news of this Bugatti Bolide just broke, no photos shared so I dropped in some pics of the real car just for reference so do expect the unexpected from Bburago.

Bugatti Bolide Concept 2020

Unlike the Lamborghini Vision GT by Maisto, which looks totally like a track car with very limited Lamborghini accents this Bugatti Bolide looks very much Bugatti!! The front facia is the one that shouts Bugatti otherwise the car looks like a typical track attack car build specifically for the track.

Bugatti Bolide Concept 2020

This Bugatti looks cool in every angle and downforce enhancing skirts all around along with super low stance makes this an ultimate speed and cornering tool! The color scheme is very cool too with carbon-fiber taking over most of the sheetmetal and blue highlights makes it a special track car.

Bugatti Bolide Concept 2020

Bburago has not shared photos, release dates and not even confirmed the colors schema yet of this Bugatti Bolide but we feel its too early to expect such details. If our assumption are correct then Bburago should get this 1:18 Bugatti Bolide by the third or fourth quarter this year and pricing should as is the Divo, which should be in $42-45 margin. We will continue to track any updates on this Bugatti and keep you posted… So stay tuned.

Source/Pics: www.netcarshow.com

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