AUTOart to Release Lamborghini LM002 in 1:18 scale this Year

The name Lamborghini is significant with exotic sports cars that can smoke anything tarmac and tracks. But Lamborghini also made few off-road machines and LM002 is one great example, which is also nicknamed as “Rambo Lamborghini”. 1:18 scale model car collectors have been waiting a decent Lamborghini LM002, which would be worthy sitting on your collection display. AUTOart has been teasing us for so long with this LM002 and finally we have some hard facts supporting that it could be coming soon this year.

Lamborghini LM002 - Front

The Lamborghini LM002 is a great SUV and one that is lives up to the Lamborghini name even today! This Lamborghini LM002 stands tall with an unconventional stance for a Lamborghini but very graceful for a SUV. Fat wheels and wide body defies this Lamborghini, which also make this stand out in a sea of SUVs.

Lamborghini LM002 - Front

As per AUTOart website, this Lamborghini LM002 would come in five colours bianco polo park (white), nero tenebre (black), rosso siviglia (red), argento (silver) and Blu Acapulco Metallic (purple), which one of this is your favourite color, do drop a note in our comment section below. Though the details are good on the pic shared on AUTOart’s Facebook page, which are pre-production samples but they show us the direction AUTOart is going with this off-roading Lamborghini.

Lamborghini LM002 - Profile

This Lamborghini LM002 comes with opening doors (all four of them), an engine bay that houses that massive engine with detailed hoses and hydraulic pistons to hold the hood up. The interiors are also very detailed with nice upholstery and dashboard details.

Lamborghini LM002 - Rear

This Lamborghini LM002 comes in truck like rear end with some grab bars, and AUTOart’s version will get them all in place. Being AUTOart the scale will be sport on and packaging team might already be working on a new package design as this LM002 is quite big to fit inside any of its existing line!

Lamborghini LM002 - Rear

At this point in time, we do not have any details on launch dates and no price point as well! But this is too early to speculate on those details so we will save this for later discussion. As we pass closer to the launch more and more details will start to surface and we will be there to grab them share it here for you. Till then stay tuned, Ciao.


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