Bburago to Release 1:18 Scale Diecast Bugatti Divo Soon

Bburago is a Diecast Car brand that caters to the budget collector and in recent day they are doing exceptional work. Last year they got us the Lamborghini Urus, which is an awesome model… I am still waiting for my Diamond Collezione. This year Bbaurago is setting the market on fire with its 1:18 scale Bugatti Divo. Their 2019 Catalog confirms this Bugatti Divo and it look super awesome.

Bburago 2019 - Catalog

This 1:18 scale Bugatti Divo took the cover of Bburago just like the Green Lamborghini Huracan Performante took the Maisto’s Catalog. This 1:18 Bugatti Divo comes in its trademark black with a lot of blue highlight, which I feel looks awesome in any hyper car collection. These photos below are not of the diecast model but of the real car for your reference.

Bugatti Divo - Front

Bugatti Divo - Profile

Bugatti Divo - Rear

At this point in time, Bburago dint not reveal any release date or the price details but we should assume that Bburago will price it closer to its existing line, which puts the pricing under USD.50. Going with our early experience with Bburago, we should get a cracker of 1:18 scale diecast Bugatti Divo in our hand. We will have our radars pointing in this Bugatti Divos direction and update when and where more information breaks out. Till next time… Ciao.


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