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BMW X1 is the newest member of the BMW Sports Activity Series model lineup, which now comprises the BMW X1, BMW X3, BMW X5, and the BMW X6. The BMW X1(E84) is a crossover compact based on the same platform as the AWD BMW 3 Series Touring. Available in all wheel drive (xDrive) and rear wheel drive (sDrive). The concept version of the X1 SUV was unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor Show and the production version by 2010. It is speculated that this new segment created by X1 is to increase volume. Though based on a sedan it shows X-series (SAV) characteristics all over to keep even the X-series buyers happy.

This Kyosho made 1:18 scale diecast model came in “Dealer Edition” package. Being my first dealer edition diecast model I am very excited but the excitement dint last long as the X-5 which I got a week before is way more superior, starting with the weight to the paint finish everything in was of higher quality. But from the standstill point you cannot find any defects.

The stance is perfect, which just replicates the real one with atmost accuracy. The headlamp lensing is cool with the multi reflector and the turn indicators separated nicely. The alloy with its deep Y shaped pattern is done with precision. Addition of a license plate gives this a real car like feel even on photos I believe!

My white BMW X-1 came with beige (leather replica) interior with wood insets matching the upholstery. The center console is finished in deep black plastic which give this small wonder a realistic avatar. On closer inspection you can even find seat controls and marked controls in the door lining.

The rear end is the best of the whole model; the lensing is accurate with some cool reflection pattern, wash wiper is scaled well and positioned perfectly, integrated stop light in the rear spoiler and the exhaust pipes are fantastic. Even the small pieces like the reflectors are executed perfectly.

Mine being a xDrive model I expected that panoramic sunroof but unfortunately no. There were quite a few misses but overall it is a very good buy and a must have for any Beamer collector. It has come out on an other outing but this time without its bigger brother he takes all the eyeballs.

Finally the verdict! As per me this should have scored 4.5 but as this came in a week late and the benchmark setting Kyosho X-5 had spoiled me enough to rate it 3!

6 thoughts on “BMW X1(Dealers Edition) – Kyosho

  1. A beauty. WOW. A scale model should be like this, detailed to the breathtaking levels. I crave to posses a Kyosho.

    1. Kyosho made scale models are of high quality.
      But just like AUTOart they are addictive so once you get into the family there is no going back to Maistos and likes….

      Good luck for your Kyosho.

    2. dont buy the 1 series, its not a good car.for anuord the same money, go for the mazda rx-8 which will drive much better and is more comfortable, far more pretty as me on this.

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