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The BMW X5 is a luxury crossover SUV introduced in 1999 as its first Sport Utility Vehicle. It features all-wheel drive which is branded as the “X” drive system and is available with either manual or automatic transmission. BMW describes the X5 as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) rather than an SUV, to emphasize its on-road ability despite its size. The second generation X5, known as the E70, was launched in 2006, which replaced the BMW X5 (E53). The second generation X5 featured many new technological advancements including BMW’s iDrive system as standard equipment and an optional third row seat. This generation incorporates safety innovations for the crossover segment as well. What we have here is a 4.8i which is powered by a 4.8L 355hp V8 and it is a 5 seater.

Being a Kyosho made diecast model, cannot compliant on any details! and this being my first Kyosho I am very excited to even touch. First impression about this botch guy is his weight which is far heavier than any other SUVs in my garage, secondly the shutlines which are very neat and even across the whole model. Paint finish is awesome which can only be experienced with the naked eyes only. Body proportion is another plus for these premium brands.

All four doors opens and the trunk lid split opens in the same fashion as the real thing. The Kyosho guys have also provided a tweak leaver for easy access to the doors etc. This X5 comes with a fully operational steering but the turn radius is not so satisfactory. The hood open up to reveal that massive 4.8 Liter V8 engine, though partially covered still packs enough punch on face. What I liked about the hood is the inner heat sink lining which gives this diecast scale model a real car like feel.

Interiors are fantastic! That’s typical Kyosho domain. The interior comprises of everything pose like the fully carpeted flooring, wood finish in the doors and the dash are impeccable, the seats though made out of plastic gives a real up market feel like real leather (which some of the diecast models comes with) and the switch gears detailing. The most impressive detailing bit worth mentioning is the small switches and nobes like the power windows controls in the doors, iDrive control in the center console, seat height and reach adjustment setters and finally the steering mounted controls. The greatest flaw as per premium brand standard is the dials which is just a printed sticker (not acceptable at all).

Thought there are some drawbacks to this premium model but that won’t shade this brilliant model gray. This being the collector’s edition came with some great features but the sources says that the newer dealer’s edition also come with 7 seats which opens and shuts to make way for luggage. If I come cross those model I will definitely add that as well may be in a different color.

Finally the verdict – this X5 by Kyosho deserves a 5/5 but lacks few minor details which premium models maker like AUTOart provides. So I tallied all the scores and gave a 4.5/5.

This being my favorite SUV (or SAV as BMW says) did a lot photograph here are some for you to enjoy.

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    1. It costed me around 107€ (79,79€ +shipping 27€) and I got it from site, who makes worldwide delivery. Price wise Kyosho should be three times the cost of Bburago and its not fair comparing them as Kyosho is a Premium brand and Bburago is a Budget brand.

  1. 1. Yes the 2009 1-series coupes (128i 135i) are cuerlntry available.2. If you can find an ’08 model equipped to your satisfaction, you should buy it and take advantage of BMW Financial’s 0.9% APR, which is NOT offered on the ’09 models.3. There is no appreciable difference between the ’08 and ’09 models except that the ’09 s are a little higher in price approx $ 500-$ 600, I believe.

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