Diecast Motorbike Collection of the Year 2022

New year is around the corner and I am sitting in front of my laptop writing this blog post… yeah its my year end post summarising the year passed by. I have had my good years and I also had exceptional years in the past and this is not one of them! I picked only five motorcycle/ATV scale models, so numbers don’t say it all. I picked three 1:12 diecast scale model and two 1:10 scale model but I also picked a ATV in 1:12 diecast model, which is the cherry on the icing, I believe.

McFarlane - Batcycle

Though the numbers don’t impress this year’s collection! Yeah I picked some cool bike models that I never thought I would ever pick! I mostly collect 1:12 scale motorbikes, I also have quite some 1:10 bike models to go with my 7inch action figures. This year I added two new models from the movie “The Batman (2022)“, first up is a Batcycle by McFarlane Toys, which works perfectly with my Batman action figure. This Batcycle came in from an online toy store (www.superherotoystore.com) and the wait is what killed me since pre-order to delivery! Otherwise it was a great piece.

McFarlane - Bruce Wayne's Drifter Bike

Even before I watched the movie I picked two motorcycle model expecting the movie would be great! Though I dint like the movie so much unlike other Batman movies, I love this drifter motorcycle more! Because I missed pre-ordering this in a local store I have take the import route and it landed sound! I love it more with the action figure by McFarlane and the photos I am seeing online makes me go bananas for this guy.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 - Maisto

The first 1:12 entry into this beautiful list is this 1:12 scale Royal Enfield Classic 350 in beautiful chrome finish. Yeah you are right, its a Royal Enfield Classic 350 and this is my fourth to join the garage. This chrome one was in a local store and immediately got my attention, so he is bagged after giving some workout to my big brain. This makes this a choice of my heart also making it an icebreaker for the year 2022.

Honda CBR 1000RR - Maisto

I love sports bike and I ride one everyday so its natural I pick one or two when I come across. This year being a tough year for scale model collection due to import restriction and shutting toy stores, I only got one, which is a Maisto Honda CBR1000RR in red, blue and white. This is one of the online (www.hobbytoys.co) pick towards the end of the year so I dint spend a lot of time with it but I was keen on getting one since its announcement way back in April, 2021. So finding one before the end of the year was a big challenge and I was happy I found one.

BMW GS R1250 - Maisto

Just along with Maisto Honda CBR1000RR is this BMW GS R1250 in 1:12 scale. This also came in from www.hobbytoys.co along with the CBR… This also was announced around the same time as Honda CBR so wish listed together, I personally liked the Honda more as this Bimmer’s design is evolutionary than revolutionary as Honda. But me being a BMW lover, picked it when I had an opportunity and loving it since then.

Honda TRX450 - Newray

I am not a ATV guy and I don’t like ATVs the ways I like Bikes and Cars… But they are cool and some of them are cooler like the Polaris RZR XP TURBO EPS in 1:18 but it never made it to our soil and importing them is crazy expensive! This Honda TRX450 1:12 is a equally cool ATV and I saw this in a local superstore so I jumped in without thinking for a second. This is a cool ATV and menacing peged with other 1:12 bikes. Overall I had a good year and I am hoping for better years to come. With this hobby getting expensive… all I could ask Santa is better paying job! May the New Year bless you with health, wealth, happiness and lot of fine detailed scale models… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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