GT Spirit to Unleash 1:18 scale RWB Tsubaki this April

GT Spirit is known for it highly detailed resin scale models in 1:18 and 1:12 scale… They have so many great cars in the ledger and few crazy RWB… The newest one join the gang is this 1:18 scale RWB Tsubaki, with its shiny purple paint finish and wide body. This RWB will see light by this April and here is our coverage of all the Information about this beauty. Recently GT Spirit share these pre-production sample in their Facebook page and that ignited some series conversations.

GT Spirit RWB Porsche Tsubakia

This is RWB Tsubaki shouts performance in every angle… Ground hugging bodykits all around, shinny purple paint finish, sleek decals and tow hook in highlighted in red all stands out in any auto shows or garage! The windshield also gets a bold “RAUH-Welt” decal lighting up the front.

GT Spirit RWB Porsche Tsubakia

Ride height is one the lowest and this gets highlighted in the profile angle and the purple paint and black inserts enhances this even more. It’s high prerformance tires on fancy wheels looks cool in this pre-production sample. This RWB Tsubaki is build around a Porsche 993, which also gets a massive spoiler with some fancy graphics.

GT Spirit RWB Porsche Tsubakia

This RWB Tsubaki Porsche 993 should reach retailers by the end of April and in limited numbers so pre-ordering (from one of the retailers like or or or few more) is a sure shot way to acquire one to grace your collection. The price of this RWB Tsubakia hovers around $115-$120 and selling out real fast due to its exclusivity! Do let us know what you think of this RWB Tsubakia and also comment what’s your favorite 1:18 scale RWB by GT Spirit! Till next time… Ciao!


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