GT Spirit Will Start Making Scale Model With Opening Doors in 1:18 Scale

GT Spirit, a resin scale model maker specialises in 1:18 and 1:12 scale makes sealed models so far. They are know for value for money, highly detailed scale models that just rivals big boys like BBR and likes. Their sealed body lineup will continue to make many aficionado happy, but they are turning a new leaf over this year… Yeah they are getting to scale models with opening doors, hood and trunk territory. This may rattle AUTOart models as this makes it a direct competition to its composite build scale model lineup.

Diecast scale models are getting more and more expensive and resin models catching up to them, puts resin manufactures in a tough point. GT Spirit displayed some cool Corvett and Mustangs with opening parts in miniature fair in China recently and that got world’s attention.

Models on offer are Corvett C7 ZR1 and Ford Mustang GT500 in 1:18 two colours of each was displayed as well. Though neither of these was an exciting model to own… but GT Spirit getting into the scale model with opening doors and hood is a great news overall.

Of the two models displayed, I personally liked the Ford Mustang GT500 in blue maybe because I personally own a Maisto made Ford Mustang GT500 and absolutely love it! Moreover Mustang has more external details than the Corvette, so Mustang gets my vote.

The orange one was displayed with its doors closed, this is a perfect specimen of how the shutline would look in the final production version. Though these are pre-production prototypes, they look quite good. As this is a territory that is dominated by AUTOart, these GT Spirits have to compete directly with them but looks like they are slightly above Solido.

As per article in mininches these prototypes are good with lots of potential but placement could get a little tricky and the same could decide the hit or a miss of these beauties. The interiors of GT Spirits have always been good but they are static, so we will have to wait and see how those details turns in when you open the doors to it.

Unlike the interiors, engine details are not GT Spirit’s safe zone and many scale model makers miss this even some biggies in business. The displayed model don’t have that much engine details and we expected that for a initial prototype and keeping our fingers crossed for more details in the future iterations before it goes in to production.

The trunk details are in same league as the hood!. But these two model have very simple opening mechanism and GT Spirit’s lineup has some super cool cars with far more complex opening mechanism where this could challenge GT Spirit’s engineering team further more.

It is too early to say what’s the release date and price point at which these beauties will be released. The pricing and features that comes loaded with decides the success of GT Spirit. Success of not is an other question but this initiative is very much appreciated from our stand point. We will keep ourselves hooked to any updates coming our way on this item. Till next time… Ciao.


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