1991 Military Humvee – Maisto

History: The Humvee as we all know actually is HMMWV(High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle). It is a military vehicle created by AM General to supplant the roles formerly served by smaller Jeeps. Primarily used by the United States Armed Forces… AM General was awarded the initial production contract for 55,000 Humvees to be delivered in 1985 by US Army. Humvee has become the vehicular backbone of U.S. forces around the world. Over 10,000 were employed by coalition forces during the Iraq War. The world renowned Hummer series was also inspired by this Humvee, in fact the Hummer H1 is a identical to this except the warfare etc.

Box & Content: This brilliant model comes in a conventional premium edition box! Its sturdy, robust and being a windowed box it becomes easier for collectors(who prefer conversation) to store with ease. The box frame is also a stackable case so it can be stacked one over the other. This guy came with a removable machine gun, which can be mounted on the roof and a really long radio antenna.

Fit & Body Work: The body work is typically Maistos, the curves are cool the edges are sharp and the matt finish is awesome! Mine being a Sand Edition show off every single details properly.. The color and matt finish over it all make it look more upmarket model. As always the scaling is the biggest issue that every(almost) Maisto goes through so this is not an exception… Very nice model until parked next to my Exoto!!!

Features & Addons: This badboy comes with four opening doors, operational streeing and working suspension as most other model. This also get a mountable machine gun and a hatch at the middle of the top but is almost useless because its halfway blocked by some plastic joint. The radio antenna is tall and slender making it look more original.

Interior Details: The Interior is all plastic and bare basic! cant blame Maisto because the original also comes with same spec but I would have felt better if the some military equipments are added to the interior. The Meters and dials feels on initial but for an eagle eye it is just few stickers.

Engine & Underbody: I would consider the engine details to be top notch with the “no step” on the hoses very clear and smudge free. The color separation for rubber, aluminium, iron are nice and realistic, for the price it just packs enough punch!! Underbody detailing is awesome and steals the show or stands head to head with my Exoto if place on their roof.

Overall this gets a whooping 4 starts for its price, details and the paint finish.. No one can make out it is a Maisto on first glance if kept away from Exoto and related brands. This is somehow extinct in Indian market so I have to get it used(sparingly though) but its robust build makes it feel brand new.

11 thoughts on “1991 Military Humvee – Maisto

  1. Nice pick of a great Humvee . I really want one but too short on cash eh . haha

    I love those shots . Looks Real and it Feels like the Real Thing.

    1. I do both online and stores purchase. It is something like 40% from online purchase and 60% store pick.

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