Maisto 1:18 Scale Ford Bronco 2021 Could Be Coming Soon

Ford Bronco is a sexy SUV and its 2021 avatar has gotten even sexier making every off-road enthusiast go bananas for it. I when I saw the launch video I felt that same excitement in my vine and was wondering when do we get a scale model of this beauty of the beast in my garage. Seem like folks at my Maisto heard my thoughts and today I see a post in Maisto’s Facebook page asking us which scale model that we would love to have, which is a clear sign that this guy is coming our way! Soon in 1:18 or 1:24 scale.

Ford Bronco - 2 Doors

Its been sometime we had a decent Ford SUV from Maisto (last one that love is Ford F350 Harley-Davidson Super Duty Pick-up) and the its about time, we get something fancy… why not this 2021 Ford Bronco? Maisto has a sea of Jeeps in 1:18 if this Ford Bronco makes it to production (which I want to happen) it will give other brands a run for their money. Knowing Maisto, they don’t pick a random car/suv just to pull a PR stunt but to gauge the user response before signing off a contract.

Ford Bronco - 4 Doors

The elephant in the room is the scale and the chance of getting a 1:24 is much higher than 1:18 as with the Ford F-150 Raptor. Looking at the response to the post lot many want 1:18 and all of them want both the two and four door, which is encouraging for us 1:18 collectors. This time its too early to speculate on the release dates sooner would be better! Also we will update you with any scoops and news on this beauty that we all as expecting Maisto make… till next time, Ciao.


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