Diecast Car Collection of the Year 2020

I been collecting diecast cars for over 15years now and every year brings in new experience! This year 2020 came with its own challenge and pandemic situation put us all in a situation to evolve! I did evolve and picked some gem of cars and SUVs that I been dreaming off like the Bigfoot Monster Truck (1:18) scale and Ford F150 Lighting (1:18), which I been looking for since I started collecting diecast 1:18 scale models.

Greenlight - Bigfoot Monster Truck

Lets start with biggest, baddest monster truck Ford F150 Monster Truck in 1:18 scale by Greenlight collectibles! This was released by Greenlights(initial coverage here) around late 2020 and in my wishlist since then. I thought I will pick it from US but later picked it from a Indian seller for my birthday! This I got delivered in great shape and came in a day or two before my birthday and made my day! This Bigfoot definitely needs extra space in my display but I all prepared for such a sacrifice!

Motormax - Porsche 911 Carrera

Next up in the list is Motormax Porsche 911 Carrera in a classic greyish blue shade. Though the build quality of Motormax is questionable, I personally like this Carrera except for the stance and poor wheel choice. And because I like Porsche cars, all the defects are over shadowed by the clean lines and sleek paint job.

Maisto - Ford F150 Lightning

Another wishlist item come home is this beautiful 1:18 Ford F-150 Lightning by Maisto, though this was released some ten years back i never made it to India soil and my attempts to import turned out expensive so I baled out. Finally luck turn towards me and got it in my favorite bright red shade! Thanks to Modelart, Bangalore for importing it and thanks to me for being on time to pick up!

Motormax - Pagani Huayra

Another Motormax, which made it to my collection is this beautiful Pagani Huayra in super bright red. Though this is not my first Huayra(first one is one made by GT Autos) but when I saw this in Crosswords toy section, I couldn’t control the rush and picked it almost immediately! This is no where closer to the GT Autos one I have but a very nice one!

Rastar - Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitess

Rastar is not known for diecast cars as they are for R/C toys… but they did release a few diecast cars and this Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse was my favourite and wanted one since I broke the news about it. I was caught up indoors due to covid restriction and only way to pick some was through Amazon and like of them and luck struck! I got this guy when I realise this is too good to be missed. I love this car so much I guess (review here), which scored a healthy 3.5/5!

Motormax - Lamborghini Aventador

I usually don’t pick diecast car when they are no sale but I was so tempted to pick this Lamborghini Aventador by Motormax(yeah one more) mostly to do some mods on because I cannot touch my Bburago one(review), which I love! I actually picked this guy to build my very own Lamborghini Aventador Miura Edition, so he is a donor car. So most preferable next year I will have this done!

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy is a sleek(tiny) city car and finding one in 1:18 scale is special! I picked this from Amazon too but when I landed, I realised it is a pullback toy but it was so cute decided to keep it. Tough a pullback in a sea of authentic scale mode, this Twizy stands out even with its small footprint! I just realised that I picked more cars this year than last year 2019, which is good! So lets hope 2021 will be better than 2020 and better overall! Happy New Year!

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