GT Spirit’s 2018 Line Up is Getting Hotter! Here is Our Hot Pick!

GT Spirit had a fantastic 2017 in miniature scale model business and we had hell a lot fun traveling the length and berth of this hobby. They added some sexy new car and suv like the LB Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes Benz CLK GTR Roadster, Mercedes Benz G500 4×4 squared, Ford GT40 and many more hot model to burn hole so big that a elephant can walk through but the money spend on their model is well worth if you don’t mind the material these models are made of! And today they released their plan for 2018 in their New Year message and it looks better than this year! I went ahead to their online store was impressed with few of their model line up… Here is my hot pick!

GT Spirit Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT - 1:18

First on my card is this Hellcat in bright green! Yes it is the Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT in 1:18 in bright green! I love American car specially the iconic ones that oozes horse power like its nobody’s business! And this Hellcat powered Dodge Challenger takes all the boxes to be in my hot list! And if you like me who love American car for its sear butch looks then this year for you. GT Spirit is planning to bring in at least one American car every month to answer those cry for quality value for money American Car by most of us. The priced at around 119,90€ (limited to only 999pcs) this would be a great addition for most of us. If this Dodge interests you I recommend you do a pre-order by visiting GT Spirit online shop.

GT Spirit Lamborghini Centenario - 1:18

1:18 scale Lamborghini Centenario is doing really well for Maisto and they even released an Exclusive Series in yellow on the same to cater to a slightly premium collectors. AUTOart jumped in little later and broke the news they will release this Lamborghini Centenario, which would take care of those high-end collectors. And if you are between Maisto and AUTOart the GT Spirit got you covered this coming year. They will release this white by February at a yummy price of 149,90€ and production is limited to only 500 pieces. The pre-odreing have started already here.

GT Spirit BMW M6 Grand Coupe - 1:18

If you are a regular visitor of my site then you would know that I a big time BMW collector and love anything that has a M badge plastered on it! I have a BMW M6 Coupe by Paragon Model for almost two years and just love, so its natural to pull this Grand Coupe variant of the same! This color is sexy and details that GT Spirit sport wins(only if you like resins model) more collectors than Paragon Models. This should hit the stores by January 2018 at a price 119,90€ and the limitation on production is 999 pieces, checkout this link for more details and pre-order infos.

GT Spirit Brabus GLE 850 - 1:18

This Brabus GLE 850 is a must have if you like black Macho SUVs or if you already have a Brabus 700 6×6 or Brabus 500 4×4² parked in your garage. The Details looks sleek and give that serious look! I personally like the interiors in bright orange shade the most, which gives something to focus my thoughts on. This should also be out by this January and pricing is 119,90€ (click here to pre-order) and only 500 of these will be produced so the exclusivity is maintained to.

GT Spirit 2018 Chevrolet Silverado-Z71 - Centennial Edition

I saved the best for the last… Yes this beauty of best is coming in 1:18 scale and that to by mid 2018! Yeah you heard me right!! GT Spirit is bringing this 2018 Chevrolet Silverado-Z71 – Centennial Edition by mid 2018 The information is given in their Newsletter sent out today but the site and their Facebook pages are don’t show this yet so its kind of exclusive here in xDiecast! They have also shared a link to do a pre-order if you want to make sure this makes it to you desk without fail! This also would be produced in limited numbers(1000pcs) and the vendor quoted a pre-order price of $179.95 which is on par with its store rates.

I could see all that the prices went up by a fair bit but GT Spirit justified that as well in their email and we respect them. The material, license, inflation are all playing it part in this decision they mentioned. GT Spirit is also planning to release a new range of metal models with opening door etc. and that too at a competitive price between 79.90€ and 89.90€, which in my view is a great move! I say this because brands like AUTOart is moving towards composite to meet the price gap and this move by GT Spirit will get more diecast car in… lets wait and see how this move works for GT Spirit! So a great year to look out for… Happy New Year everybody! Till next Time Ciao!

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