Meet My Bad Boy Figurine # 5

As per the packaging he is called Torazame Kinjirou, a part of “Organic Bad Boys Glare of Eyes Vol. 4” so you get some exceptional details on body texture and also on the apparels that he is wearing.. Being a 1:18 scale figurine the facial expression is also pretty notable.. This time I took along this guy out with my Maisto Hummer H1 in black so they both get really tight! The overall color of this figurine matches the H1 very well so I ended up making more shots that usual… But the thing is they both are black and even with a DSLR had trouble setting the focus to the point that I need…

Unlike the last two figurine this guy is a little short! But has all the attitude of the others, infact bit more that other too. The raised eye brows and aggressive stance gets him all the checkboxes to own and drive a Hummer without embarrassing himself..

This figurine being a part of the “Glare of Eyes” collection shows some sort of anger! This guy specially looks like a mobster from every angle! His full robe is sort of wavy so gives him a stance facing the wind.. His eyes enhances his angry look complete by his short hair style.

As I mentioned earlier this guy is short so I experimented with some placement and here are the results… If place above eye level he look awesome, because of his chin down stance and free flowing robes. For me this is the best placement especially if you have over head lights, which will make him more angrier due to the shadows it throws in…

The eye level is also nice but not as nice as the one above! Best part about this shot is that the Maisto Hummer H1 in the back-draft is already a smaller scale by proportion so think about a real scale hummer like the Exoto, horrible!

This also works well if place below eye level! Surprisingly he don’t look too short at this level!!!!! Even I was impressed maybe his position gets him some points but he robe place a brilliant part here too.. I should add that his expensive leather foot ware shine well in this angel..

Overall this is a decent figurine which will fit in anybody display case without much fuss. At a reasonable price this figurine is a must have if you are into this hobby..

As always here are few outdoor shots.. Being a black model and a figurine with black robe it became very tough to get these subjects into focus but a very good exercise for me to horn my shooting skills. I hope you would enjoy… Write a comment if you feel something is missed or you expect more and also the good once.

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