Top 10 Matchbox Basics of 2023

Finally year 2023 got Mattel back into Indian Toy scene and we Hotwheels and Matchbox collectors are super excited. Though Hotwheels mainlines with a elevated price tag (from 120 to 149), Matchbox came in with a similar price (149) as is in 2020, which is very good news for collectors like me who likes MBX the same I do Hotwheels. The good news (at least for me) is these are Hamleys exclusives and we have around 10 Hamleys in Bangalore (India) and I have enough places to hunt for these! Because the stock showed up towards the later part of the year, we dint get all the mix! These are my Top-10 cars from Matchbox Basic lineup and not a result of scientific studies. So all the views expressed are souly mine!

Matchbox - Renault Twizy 2022

Lets start with honourable mention, which is the super cute Renault Twizy 2022 (82/100) in blue and it is very close my heart, so it is here. Its a small car and I love them starting with the Smart For Two to my daily driver MG Comet… This is one of my favourite small as it looks like a motorcycle but with a convenience of a car! This Twizy in blue is a looker and will go well with my 1:18 scale Renault Twizy.

Matchbox - Jeep Renegade

First up is the Jeep Renegade (40/100), which is not a new cast but this is the first time we Indian MBC collectors are getting it locally and I being a diehard fan of Jeep Renegade, how could I miss it! I picked this multiple number, so that I will have a collection of my own to customise. Collectors showed interest in this beauty initially later this became a peg warmer, which is a sad sight!

Matchbox - Porsche Caryene

Taking the ninth place is a Porsche Caryene (78/100) in bright blue and has a very solid build! I picked two of this Porsche, which I am very happy for… I haven’t seen many in the pegs maybe because it could have came in very limited numbers or it may have its own fans followers, who are flicking off the peg as and when they get restocked! I have more love for Matchbox basic for its mostly original cars and better details. This Caryene dint disappoint me either.

Matchbox - Tesla Roadster

At number eight is none other than Tesla Roadster (91/100), which is one of my favourite real life car. This came in silver body finish and I liked it than other colours which Matchbox released in the past. Hotwheels also had in their 2023 line-up but I like this one more so pick this over the HW version. This would have got in a higher ranking if this had came in roadster format, with its roof tuned in.

Matchbox - 2019 Subaru Forester

2019 Subaru Forester (88/100) stand at number seven and this black beauty is a looker with some subtle details. This like most other cars gets front headlamps, tail light, beautiful bodywork and also a transparent sunroof. This is one of the unsung heroes and I haven’t seen many in pegs and heard is one of the rarer cars to find!

Matchbox - Jeep Gladiator

Jeep Gladiator has always been my favourite Jeep (actually I like the entire Jeep lineup) and this year’s Matchbox 20 Jeep Gladiator (41/100) is a looker! But a bit of a disappointment as well! This Jeep Gladiator also don’t get headlamps or taillamp, which is a bigger misses as this one don’t get any significant decals/graphics on the sides even! Then you may ask how did this get sixth place… Because I like it so much and this black paint finish sold me off!

Matchbox - 89 Jeep Wagoneer

I am not a classic car lover and dont have that many older cars… But my collection is filled so many older SUV mostly from Jeep and this 89 Jeep Wagoneer by Matchbox is the newest addition to that growing love for classic SUVs. This is the only one from the Jurassic World series and the best as per me. This has so many details on to the sides but secured fifth place and lost its top spots due to lack of front and rear details.

Matchbox - 2021 Mustang Mach-E

At number four we have 2021 Mustang Mach-E (44/100) in creamy gray shade. This again is a very subtle car with loads of attitude! The clean bodywork and sleek paint job made me pick this over Hotwheels version and the headlamp and taillamp details sealed the deal. There is also a yellow taxi version but that dint made it to Indian stores so this is silver version is a good compromise.

Matchbox - 16 Chevy Camaro Convertible

16 Chevy Camaro Convertible (33/100) in bright yellow is my number three… Yeah this is not a new casting… Not a cool super car… It don’t even gets super fine details. But it has one thing going for it… nostalgia, which is simple yet effective. What Chevy did perfect is marketing with Transformers movie and every time I see a yellow Camaro, I instantly feel like calling it Bumble Bee! That nostalgia along with fine details got this 16 Chevy Camaro Convertible into the top three.

Matchbox - Audi TT RS Coupe

This year’s runner up is Audi TT RS Coupe (2/100) in bright green is a great car! This is one Audi I would like to own in real too and maybe in this green as I like green car a lot! This Audi is an example of how far Matchbox has come and I feel like I am in heaven. This Audi TT RS Coupe gets front details like headlamps grill, air vents and the rear gets tail lights too. The body work is sleek as well good enough to gets this Audi this prestigious second place.

Matchbox - Mercedes Benz AMG SL 63

The first place goes to Mercedes Benz AMG SL 63 (67/100) in sleek blue and it is loaded to the blimp. I believe this is brand new with sleek lines and beautiful body work. The paint job on this Merc is pristine and make it looks far more premium than the rest of the gang… Good work Matchbox! This Merc also gets a cool grey interior which gave it impeccable advantage over the Audi TT. Overall this is the best cast and I know the time I saw this for the first time.

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