Top 10 Hot Wheels Mainlines of 2023

Year 2023 is yet an other year that is filled with ups and downs for Hot Wheels collectors like me residing in India. This year Mattel brought back the Hot Wheels mainlines to our shore, though we got very limit stock and collector went bananas for it. We got Hot Wheels mainlines around mid May and the first case to show up is J-case! We somehow got the rest of all the cases till Q-case so I added quite a collection of cars, SUVs and some bikes as well. This is my “Top 10 Hot Wheels Mainlines of 2023” comprises of my collection released in 2023 cases.

Hotwheels - Tooned Cars

Lets start the show with the honourable mentions that dint made it to the top 10! Both these honourable mentions are very popular among the collectors and these Tooned cars made start a series, which were not on card till year! Yes this Porsche 911 turbo 3.6 964 (234/250) and 94 Toyota Supra (211/250) got me excited for tooned series cars as much as mainline licensed cars & SUVs! There are some more cool cars rereleased in cooler colours like the Toyota Land Cruiser 80, Konegssege Agera and Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 but due to huge competition they dint make it to my list.

Hotwheels - Pagani Zonda R

Pagani Zonda R (72/250): This Pagani Zonda R was released in two colours this year and we only got the blue (Blu Azzurro) variant, which I felt nice in hand but the white (Bianco Lupo) version is hotter! I like this Pagani since it was released last year in Nero Ossidiana and the love for this particular dint faded away for me, so I awarded tenth place in my Top 10!

Hotwheels - 92 Dodge Viper Rt/70

92 Dodge Viper Rt/70 (236/250): Dodge Viper is one of my favourite American car and I don’t have a proper red 92 Dodge Viper Rt/70 even in my 1:18 scale collection… I been looking for this red Dodge Viper and thank to Mattel, that search is finally over! And its because of the very nostalgic factor, I gave this beautiful casting its ninth place in my Top 10!

Hotwheels - Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3 (177/250): This Porsche 911 GT3 is a hot car and one of many Porsche that graces my display… Yeah this Porsche 911 is not anything new except for paint job and gold wheels combination. I love modern Porsche as much as the classic ones and this Porsche 911 GT3 is one that I like without plain body. And also this Porsche is a heart’s choice and I couldn’t give anything but eighth place in my Top 10.

Hotwheels - 73 Jeep J10

73 Jeep J10 (196/250): I am a big time Jeep fan and this 73 Jeep J10 is one cool SUV to sit in any collectors display! This is a brand new casting and the color that Mattel choose to unleash this beats gets my vote. This is super detailed for a mainline and comes with two spare wheels which are actual wheels that are used in this cast. This is new for even Hot Wheels and I cannot skip giving credit to this beautiful custom Jeep.

Hotwheels - McLaren Solus GT

McLaren Solus GT (250/250): I love McLaren ever since day one and one of my favourite is McLaren F1 road car in black. And I have a weakness for McLaren, be it a F1, Senna or P1, I love them all! To add to that list of McLarens to scalp is this brand new McLaren Solus GT in white! Everything about this McLaren is love and I bagged it the very first instance I saw these in pegs!! It missed the top 5 spot by just whisker but and secured a worthy sixth place in my Top 10 for this year 2023.

Hotwheels - Land Rover Series-2

Land Rover Series 2 (242/250): This agin is a very hyped Hot Wheels cast of this year and it showed up in Q-case, so we spend lesser time with it but it is a cool variant of the simple utilitarian Land Rover Defender! It comes loaded with all sort of cool bit a lifestyle Land Rover would have like a surfboard, folded down windshield, raised stance with black wheels. This sits at a prestigious fifth place but would have been higher or first if this would have come with headlamp, grills and taillamp!

Hotwheels - 89 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC AMG

89 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC AMG: At number four is this beautiful 89 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC AMG in sliver. This Mercedes Benz is a super cool everyday driver with so much power (being AMG) if you decide to take it to race weekend! This 89 Mercedes Benz 560 SEC AMG came in two colours and this silver is only one that made it to Indian shore and we collectors are excited for this. This gets this high in my Top 10 because of its paint job, head and tail light along with detailed badges etc. The Black version if we would have got, then this Merc would sure be in top 3!

Hotwheels - Porsche 911 Carrera RS2.7

Porsche 911 Carrera RS2.7 (125/250): Porsche keep launching newer and better 911 every now and then and driver goes bananas for it every time! The case is same with Hot Wheels version as well and this year we got this beautiful Porsche 911 Carrera RS2.7 and I got the orange shade, which in opinion is hotter than the other colours launch before it! This gets decals all around, front and back details! This is not a new cast but one of the best plain body version so takes the third place.

Hotwheels - 57 Jeep FC

57 Jeep FC (218/250): Taking the second place is this beautiful 57 Jeep FC in this eye catchy blue! Me being a Jeep love would head and toe for anything that has a Jeep badge on it so this Jeep FC making its way all the way up is not a surprise! This gets an unique look for a Jeep and its high raise look just makes it cooler! This also get headlamps , door decals but misses out the taillamp details! Then again its a Jeep and cool on at that makes this a runner in this year’s Top 10!

Hotwheels - Bugatti Bolide

Bugati Bolide (213/250): Bugatti is one brand that Hot Wheels collectors love and anything coming out of their gets scalped like no other! This Bugatti Bolide also gets that same kind of love and I was lucky enough to pick a few off the peg and felt awesome! This Bugatti Bolide comes fully loaded with all around decal work and it also get fine tail lamp details! The wheels also adds a bit of premiumness to this beautiful car, earning this prestigious top spot in my Top 10! This year is not perfect but not a bod one even hope next year 2024 gets better and gets us more mainline, premiums, team transports and the whole set to wow us all! I had great time putting this list. Hope you enjoyed it! Happy New Year 2024!

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