2003 Land Rover Ranger Rover – Welly

The Range Rover was first introduced in 1970 as a four-wheel drive luxury sport utility vehicle produced by Land Rover and is now in the third generation run. The original model was known simply as the Range Rover until almost the end of its life, when Land Rover introduced the name Range Rover Classic to distinguish it from its successors. Range Rover Sport was not merely a new specification within the Range Rover line-up, but rather an entirely new vehicle, based on the Discovery/LR3 chassis.

The body is very well done with most of the corners and joints done with near perfection avoiding the gaps in most areas. The multi reflector head lamp is fantastic with a small visor almost comparable to AA and likes. The body line is well executed with all windows rolled up which is a quite unique because most models in this band width comes with rolled down front windows. This model also comes with a clear glass sunroof which adds a premium touch to it. The tail end has a split doors where the top opens like a hatchback and bottom like a truck. The seven spoke alloy is chunky and detailed with the LR logo in the center, the tires are not marked but tread patten is deep and detailed.

The interior is plasticky but finished in two tone of gray. The seats are done in black and a rubberised seat belt is an addition. The center console is really nice with most of the controls clearly distinguished. The GPS console is nice but it just feel so kiddish as simple sticker but the dial stickers are realistic.

Two doors, hood and the trunk opens and the rear door are sealed as in most four door models from Welly and other brands like Maisto, Bburago etc. Engine details are nicely done and nothing ground breaking as such.

Overall Welly deserves a thumbs up for making such a fabulous model at a budget price of Rs. 1649/-

2 thoughts on “2003 Land Rover Ranger Rover – Welly

  1. I have this model, but mine is in dark red. Welly has improved its line, the quality and details are so good. And the cars are cheaper than most of other brands like Maisto or Bburago.

    1. Red is a cool color too and welcome to the RANGIE club! I would compare Welly with brands like Norev and Hotwheels in terms of quality.

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