Stig’s Christmas Rider – Ford F100

This year’s Christmas card is very special as STIG is back and he is here with a pretty old Ford Truck… Yeah he took his Ford to pickup his Christmas gift along with a Christmas tree. I had fun doing this photoshoot, hope you love to see the BTS. more

Independence Day – Scale Model Photoshoot

Toy photography with one scale model car is good… But if you have 3 super car and “Independence Day Ride”as a theme, then you day is about to get super exciting. I did this on my make shift indoor photography setup and I absolutely love it. more

Big Banana Car gets some Sun Light – Toy Photography

Matchbox’s 2020 was vibrant so as the newer releases but there is one car thats I always wanted to own.Infact I wanted ride on one of them but don’t know! Its the Big Banana Car (71/100) for its crazy shape and bright color, yeah I am a sucker for big bright cars so this is […] more

Happy Republic Day – 2021

This Republic Day, I am doing a photoshoot with my Hot Wheels cars. I picked a orange 19 Corvette ZR1 Convertible , white Audi R8 Spyder and green Lamborghini Aventador J for this shoot. more

Weekend Toy Photoshoot – Car vs Motorbike

If cat vs dogs is a rival that is there since day one, car vs motorbike is a rivalry that started since these two are invented! So today’s photo session is all about this and our candidate for this diecast photography session is the very old 1:18 Maisto Audi R8 V10 and Yamaha R8. And […] more

Independence Day – Photoshoot

Miniature Diecast Photography is one of my favorite hobby, which I love more than collecting them… This Independence Day I am celebrating it with my diecast cars in saffron, white and green colors. more