Independence Day – Photoshoot

Miniature Diecast Photography is one of my favorite hobby, which I love more than collecting them… This Independence Day I am celebrating it with my diecast cars in saffron, white and green colors. more

Maisto Royal Enfied Classic 500 – Outdoor Toy Photography

Royal Enfield is a legendary motorcycle brand know for making lower capacity Touring bikes and Cafe Racers. Their Classic 500 is a cult bike, recently I picked a 1:12 diecast scale model of it made by Maisto and today I took it out for a outdoor toy photoshoot. Here is the photo collection of My Maisto Royal Enfied Classic 500. more

Weekend Diecast Car Photography – Scale War

Toy Photography is fun, specially if you have a theme that redefines your creative ability! Theme Scale War is a sub stream that I run on special set of diecast scale model cars where I collect multiple scale of a same car. For today’s photoshoot I picked 1:18 on the larger end and 1:64 on […] more

My Car, My Valentine Photoshoot

This is the time of the year when love is in the air and everybody finds way express it. And car model photography nut like me finds inspiration from normal people and put my diecast photography skills to show you some good old diecast car photos. more

Christmas Toy Photoshoot with Stig Figurine and AUTOart Cars

Christmas is big festival that brings smile to everybody and it is usually filled with gifts, party and decor! I being a Diecast Car Photographer wanted to have some fun with my diecast models on this very special day! For today’s photoshoot I took out my trusty old Stig Figurine and two Fords(Ford GT and […] more

Best Car for Black Friday Shopping – Diecast Photoshoot

Black Friday is a day that marks the beginning of the shopping season and the deal on products are crazy! So people will stack up to the blimp and need to pick the right car for the purpose, here is our diecast version of the shopping car selection purpose! I picked all the black 1:18 […] more